On Consciousness, at the German Retreat, GRC

Retreats are conducted regularly at Global Retreat Centre, Nuneham Park, near Oxford.  A group from Germany met on this occasion.  This talk explains how to build your stage.  Your stage is the fortified and stable state of consciousness that is accumulated over time.

  • Every day challenges arise.  These help us to develop our stage.
  • Good practices to set your daily routine that include your spiritual development.
  • How to be more efficient so that you can do more with less, in less time.
  • Good practices to work through troubles in human relationships.
  • Techniques and methods for self-respect.
  • How to be free from feeling guilty.
  • The powerful energy of trust.
  • Every soul is originally pure, peaceful, powerful, loveful and blissful, but the impact of the world today moves us away from that, therefore we have to remember that state.
  • When you are looking out through your eyes, it’s the soul looking out.
  • Distinguish between love and attachment and be free from that confusion.

To Listen to the talk, just press the play button on the icon below.

About BKD classes

I am a student and teacher at Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. This blog contains my classes and "churnings" of the knowledge, spiritual practice and meditation taught at the BKWSU. Please enjoy and I would love to hear your feedback. Om Shanti

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  1. Anthony Phelips

    Great stuff D – Keep it up!!!

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