Direct Contact with the Source

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The oval light that symbolizes Incorporeal God Shiva

About BKD classes

I am a student and teacher at Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. This blog contains my classes and "churnings" of the knowledge, spiritual practice and meditation taught at the BKWSU. Please enjoy and I would love to hear your feedback. Om Shanti

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  1. Om Shanti

    A question Sr D.

    If a thought is a vibration(sound) produce by my mind, how can that thought reach God if he dwells in nirvana the place were there is not even the sound of a thought, were there is only stillness, silence.

    Can you define a spiritual thought?

    • Om Shanti, My dear Juan, Many thanks for your interest in the blog. Thought is the only mechanism which can travel beyond the material world. God is the only soul, being the Supreme Soul, who can hear or perceive the sound of a thought even while being in the Soul World. No human soul can perceive thought while being in the soul world, since such souls have not yet been activated in the cycle yet. Activation of a human soul occurs as that soul descends to earth. Once a soul has come to earth, they cannot return to the soul world until the end of the cycle. God is different. He remains conscious for all time, and His awareness is not dependent upon a body. He remains always without a body, incorporeal.

      A spiritual thought is one based on the knowledge given by God, and one based on the original qualities of Purity, Peace, Power, Love and Bliss. Thoughts motivated by sense perceptions are not spiritual thoughts, but materialistic thoughts.

  2. Thank you Sr Denise.

    Slowly but steady my connection with the source is shifting from a feeling like, to a more mind to mind, the word telepathy makes me understand that to build a dialogue or to deeper my relationship with the supreme I have to keep nourishing thoughts that are based on the original qualities of the soul.

    Om Shanti.

  3. Cristina, Mexico

    Om Shanti Sister Denise.

    How come in german language there is not such word as mind? German psychologists are number one in so many self discoveries. They talk about conscious or unconscious and I have always thought they are states of mind. If the mind is a soul capacity, does it means that psychology studies the brain functions without taking into consideration there is a being how produces what the brain processes?

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