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I am a student and teacher at Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. This blog contains my classes and "churnings" of the knowledge, spiritual practice and meditation taught at the BKWSU. Please enjoy and I would love to hear your feedback. Om Shanti

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  1. I chanced on an article that attributed the bigtime earthquakes in Chile, New Zealand & Japan as HAARP – induced

  2. Very interesting and yet alarming piece of development in the field of techno warfare. The clip reminds me of the:
    1) Star wars program we used to discuss with our 9th grade Physics teacher in mid-eighties during the Regan administration.

    2) The following news article 2 weeks ago:
    Head of Russian Space Agency said after failed launch:
    “I do not want to blame anyone, but today there are some very powerful countermeasures that can be used against spacecraft whose use we cannot exclude.”

    3) Part of advanced party assisting …scientists who will develop techniques that will result in least painful means during the . . . .

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