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BK Sister Denise on set at Godlywood Studio

20 BGD Acheiving Perfect Ba;a
Still from Episode 20 of The Gita Decoded: Achieving Perfect Balance

Why Yoga

Raja Yoga is the Yoga of the Mind. It brings evenness of mind. It strengthens your intelligence, refines your conscience and provides you with an endless source of inner power.

The inner self, the spark of life, the being of light within is not your body. Your mind operates between your soul and your body.

Inside your being is your Will – the power that leads your mind. Yoga means what your mind is connected to, and then, what you experience in your mind. Yoga with the Supreme Being enables you to experience peace, love, bliss within your mind. Otherwise you experience physical sensations in your mind.

How do you practice Yoga of the Mind? You focus your mind upon itself, turning your attention within. Then you focus your mind towards the light beyond – the Source, the Force, the origin of all virtues and inner powers. You taste the sweetness of that peace and love, and draw it into yourself. You fill with that spiritual strength and become empowered to be your true self.