Murli Notes, August 19, 2018 – English

Sister Denise

Avyakt murli

Baba is talking deeply about what we do to sabotage our success.  Baba begins in his traditional way by praising us a great deal and describing the reality of what we have become as a result of our relationship with him and that we have every possible cause for maximum success but yet at the same time there are certain things we do that sabotage it, so Baba goes into those details.

The main way we sabotage our success is to take credit for what we did.   This sabotages our success because the only reason it is possible for us to have success is b following the instructions of Baba therefore the credit is due to Baba.  If we take the credit or think “I am doing it” or “I have to do it” that weakens the action.  Regardless of whether there is Maya, the atmosphere is not good, the company is not good or trivial or irrelevant thoughts are present, the instruction of Baba is to have the firm determined thought, recognition and understanding that Baba has given us the authority to go ahead and follow his instruction.   We must do that, give Baba all the credit, rise above the atmosphere, not be concerned about the ways in which there can be obstacles or interference.  Move forward and take the success.

Baba points to laziness and carelessness as a reason for lack of success.  Baba has told us about specific methods to apply, and we need to be attentive to make sure that we do follow those methods accurately.  Baba says stay in the fortress of being fully aware.  Some things get in the way of this which Baba describes as an open door or window due to the lack of one or another power.  Determination is a key ingredient.

One important point is that what we do should not be influenced by fear or concern for public opinion.  Our strong connection with Baba, in the understanding that this is what Baba motivates us to move ahead with determination.  This brings us happiness.

Determination is extremely powerful.  It means to have one thought, total focus on that one thought, to move forward with that one thought and not let anything, anyone or any doubt or distraction get in the way.  Then success is assured.

In the meeting with the groups Baba gives us further details about rotating the discuss of self realization. This is an instrument for destroying obstacles which arise from weak thoughts.  Creating weak thoughts is the result doubt, questioning why and what.  Create instead the elevated thoughts about who and what we are, then we move forward with success.  Baba says it is the game of thought.

We must be attentive about what thoughts we produce and avoid thoughts like: “I don’t know whether this will work or not.”  That is a sign of lack of faith.   Firm determination, faith and self honor are all attributes of the method to achieve success.

Another important point is to become free from “I and mine,” to pass on the credit for your success to Baba and to be free from taking possession or feeling possessive about what you have done or your achievements.  Doing this weakens you and reduces you to ordinariness.   Instead, stay busy with the task and Maya cannot get in your way.

Baba says: sparkle and do what you have to do, and success will come after you.  You will get cooperation from Baba when you have the company of Baba, you feel all the attainments, and Baba is with you.  Make yourself unshakeable. Take full advantage and take everything that Baba is offering because you can, and you have the right to do that.

 Talking to the German group Baba is reminding us of the word Baba.  When you say “I” it doesn’t work so well when you say Baba it is like a magic word that makes everything function easily.  Then you experience your fortune.  Your connection with Baba and the sanskaras of recognition also make you special.

In the blessing Baba reminds us of the importance of the balance of serving the self and serving others. Balance makes you a conqueror of Maya.  However, many Bks forget to serve the self, resulting in imbalance of service of the self and service of others.   This deprives you of the feeling of success.  Be careful to maintain the balance.  Baba calls service an extroverted stage therefore stay introverted, and avoid getting caught up in the commotion of the clash of sanskaras and too much running around for service.  Stay connected and go deep into the self.

The slogan is to water the seeds of all your specialties with your powers. If you don’t have powers, your specialties will not be able to flourish and grow.  It is important to stand up for yourself, know what you have to do and get on and do it.  Do not allow yourself to be discouraged by anyone or anything.

Om Shanti

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