The Gift of Time

Mental Preparation for 2019

from a talk given in Tahiti, 29 December 2018

There are two perspectives on time.  One is the commonly known time of yesterday, today and tomorrow.  In Hindi the same word is used for yesterday and for tomorrow.  It is the same word for death also: Kāl.  For death we also say someone’s time has come.  The Tahitian word is tau, and this word refers to far distant time in both the future and the past.  This expresses the sense of time as a whole cycle where the future and the past meet and become one.

Time is a rotating phenomenon and in spiritual practice we rotate the cycle of time in the mind.  Life occurs in cycles.  Regular human experience is lived through the annual cycle of the seasons, religious and cultural festivals.  The diurnal 24 hour cycle is said to be the foundation of our life.  The way we use a day corresponds to the way we use our entire life, so each day has great importance. As we enter 2019, many of us never thought we would reach this far.  I began Raja Yoga ppractice in 1974 and at that time we were told there is very little time.  We are still hearing there is very little time.  This is because time is passing extremely fast.  One month for me here in Tahiti has passed like an arrow.

We are taking up the subject of the gift of time.  To say that God gives us the gift of time also means God gives us the gift of our life.  Our life is our time.  We do not know the date of our death.  Generally we think it is not quite yet.  We still have some time.  There are people who have terminal diseases and their doctor may give a prognosis: “You have six months, one month or two years.”  Then we think that is not enough.  I need more time.  What do we wish to do with our time.  What takes a lot of our time?

In spiritual practice we need time to develop our level of meditation.  In the beginning we may meditate for about five or ten minutes at a time, and then build up the amount of time to stay concentrated in meditation, gradually raising the level of consciousness to a higher dimension.

Time is the past, the present and the future.  Space is the material world, beyond which there are the subtle region and the incorporeal world.  We need time to stabise consciousness in the incorporeal world, a dimension where there is no time.  For many, it is hard to conceptualise existence in a timeless dimension.  Three million years or three seconds is the same in that dimension.  You are not in the body.  It is a gift to be in this body.  In Raja Yoga we learn that we have taken many lives.  It is said that a lot of time has passed by and very little time remains.   Very little time until when?  Roman Catholicism says very little time remains until the end of time.  The meaning of the end of time is the beginning of another time.

We are at the Confluence Age between the time cycles.  Baba tells us this life has been given to us specially because this is the only life when we can create a fortune which will endure for the next 21 lives.  In addition God gives us whatever we need for the next 5000 years.  It is only at this time of the Confluence Age when we have access to the entire past, to the fullness of each moment of the present, and all of the future.  He also teaches us the philosophy of karma.

To understand the philosophy of karma we must be aware of both time and space.  Karma occurs in both dimensions of time and space.  In the incorporeal world there is nether time nor space.  This reminds me of the Christian saying: “How many angels can stand on the head of a pin?”  How should one live in a state where there is no space?  How much space does a soul occupy?  None.  If you dig deep into someone’s head you would not find a space where the soul sits, or any small alcove.  The soul is beyond space.  It is within time as well as beyond time.

For us to understand time well.  Baba gives us the positioning to be able to place ourselves outside time.  The way to position yourself out of time is to rotate the cycle of time in your mind.  The cycle of 5000 years is also called the swastika.  The swastika is a symbol that represents self-awareness, or realization of the self.  Whatever is within the soul gets expressed through action when one is in a body on earth in the dimensions of time and space.

Time is a treasure.  It is also said that breath is a treasure.  In India it is said that you have a fixed number of breaths; that means for how much time you will be able to breathe.  Respiration is called prana in India.  Prana is also a word for life.  Breath is a vital sign.  When a person is no longer breathing, it means they are dead.  You cannot go inside a check whether the soul is still present in the body, so you have to check for signs of life.

Many people practice pranayama, breath control; but this practice does not lead to control of your life, or of your karma.  If you do not learn to control your karma, you will perform negative karma for which you will have to pay.  I am sure you do not wish to allocate time to enter into karmic accounts and then settle them all.

The gift of time is also the gift of a period for achieving your education.  God is the supreme teacher.  We are his students.  We are also His children because He wants to give us His inheritance.  What is the property of God?  Aside from the universe, the treasure of love; not only life, but the energy to make our life function well.  We need the energy  of the spirit, also called inner power.  We need to use our time to establish contact with God to absorb that energy, then use that energy to perform profitable karma.

Baba teaches us to achieve control over time and the result is to gain the kingdom.  It is not a kingdom up above, but down here on earth.  Self-sovereignty means independence.  We do not have time to be dependent on anyone.  We do not depend on anyone for our needs because they are fulfilled by our relationship with God.  Who gives us food?  Why do we offer our food to God?  It is to affirm that we understand that we are nourished by the Almighty.  Who gave us our talents through which we are able to work and earn our living?  Our talents and capabilities are also gifts from God.  Everything that we have originates from that source.  If we waste this, we are wasting our time and energy; consequently, our fortune would be less that it could have been.

So God says, I give you time, I give you life, I give you an education, I give you peace, so use these riches.  He also says something very interesting.  He gives himself to us and he says, “Use Me.”  What does God mean when He says “Use Me.”  He is always with us.  He helps us and reminds us He is always there for us.  Even if we forget Him, He does not forget us.  To use God means to understand that I am here to participate in accomplishing the task of God. The task of God is to establish paradise on earth.   Even if Tahiti seems to be paradise already, there are still some problems here and there.  Establishing paradise on earth means everything has to be in harmony; human beings, animals, fishes, the elements of matter.  This harmonization process begins with the individual human being.   It is a matter of how we use our time, breath and thought.

Thought is the foundation of everything.  From where do thoughts  arise?  Why do certain thoughts arise? Thoughts arise from perception.  We perceive events, people, places and things from the outside through our sense organs, or from the interior through our memories.  Ancient memories also arise from our subconscious mind, which can be from ancient life times.  The work of the mind is to create internal films.  We also have will power, the power of the intellect and of conscience.  With these powers we discriminate which films we will keep and which ones we will throw out or erase.  To use time well means to perform the triage of thoughts.  It does not matter whether the thought is good or bad, what matters is whether we hold on to it or we let it go.  Indeed it is like cooking.  We are continuously preparing food for thought, for consideration, pondering and digesting.

All these little thoughts are the precursors of our great actions.   Everything begins with a thought.  How long is the duration of a thought?  A fraction of a second.  Some psychologists say you have 30,000 or 40,000 thoughts per day.  No one can calculate how many thoughts we produce.

Meditation slows down the rate of production of thoughts.  Negative thoughts move fast, chaotically and repetitively.  Ordinary thoughts move at a reasonable rate with reasonable clarity.  While thoughts that are deep, true and richly significant move perhaps at a rate of one or two per minute.  It is a great accomplishment to slow your thoughts down to that rate.  With that, you enter into a zone of silence that resonates with the meaning of that single potent thought.  Baba tells us to create a collection of powerful thoughts.  These are thoughts that remain true under any circumstances.  I found one that fulfils all the criteria.  It is “I am light,”   Whether it is day or night, whether I am in a body or not, I am light remains true.  Whether I am in good or bad health, in a good or bad mood, it remains true that I am light.  Whether people are good or bad to me, whether I am in prison or in the process of getting assassinated, I am still light.  These thoughts are more powerful than circumstances.  Therefore they can change circumstances.

Baba has told us that time is the duration of the three dimensional holographic film of human life that persists for 5000 years.  He has said that time is your creation.  You are the masters over time.  The gift of time means that he has given us the power to understand everything in creation.  The creator has introduced Himself to us, and creation is everything that happens in the cycle of 5000 years.  We take possession of everything from paradise to hell and whatever lies in between these two extremities.  He gives us the treasure of time and teaches us how to rotate time.  This means we can position ourselves outside of time, or beyond time.  That also means beyond death.  You become immortal.  In the Gita it says that if you can understand these truths you are ready for immortality.

You have to be outside time in order to look at time.  Ordinarily we are within time.  We are squeezed between the past and the future.  The present moment lasts for one second.  One interesting practice is to let go of each second as each one passes by.  Second by second, let go of everything of that second.  Be present for the next second and let that go in a second.  This is the practice for the last second, the last breath, so that we can let go of our body in a second at the second when our time has come, or our time is up.  Live one second fully then let it go.  Next second, then let it go.  At the time of certain seconds we are required to act.  At other seconds we are required to be the detached observer.  We must capture the requirements of each second at the second that they arise.  This is called fast effort.  To be the witness and simply watch what is happening in front of us, we must be the possessors of time.

The word Swadarshanchakradhari means not only to spin the cycle of self realisation, but to be in full possession of the cycle in which you can see who you are.  When all the elements are rotating at full speed, it becomes a clear mirror in which you can see who you are.  It gives you a vision of the self.  In that vision you can see yourself and all the changes that have occurred from your moment of perfect beginning until your completely deconstructed and chaotic, corrupted self which is the opposite of your true self.  In other words your false ego.

Time also means change.  You have a vision of all the changes that you pass through.  It resembles the little cartoon book of papers that you flip to see all the changes and you see the movement, although each picture is static.  This was the first form of animation.

In China there is the I Ching authored by Confucius.  Using the process of change of two sets of trigrams, he calculated 64,000 possible changes of circumstances.  Each change corresponds to a certain influence, which also corresponds to karma.  There is a calculable change of frequency and vibration represented by each change, and the nature of the process of change.  This also corresponds to conception, birth, growth, decline and death followed by resurrection.  It is the flow of harmony from harmonic to dissonant, true to false, and a return to the original position.

In Astrology there is a cycle of 28,000 years of the procession of the stars, all the changes in the sky are a celestial reflection of whatever is happening among the stars of the earth, the souls.  Karma means movement, and movement means change.  Everything moves through a complete set of changes until it reaches the original position, or point of departure, then it would be said to have gone full circle.

Meditation is the same thing.  You take up a point of God’s knowledge and ponder upon it going through all the different manifestations of thoughts and ideas that pertain to that theme until you have gone full circle.  At that point you would say your meditation is complete and you would experience satisfaction that you have thought all the way through that idea.  Then you would say you know that piece of information, from the initial point through the full expansion and back again, ending up and the point of departure.

Baba has enabled us to comprehend the identical repetition of time.  This is possible because He places us outside or beyond time.  Through this He also places us outside space.  This gives us a birds eye view of what takes place on earth in terms of the complete history and geography of the earth in one shot.

A question was asked: how does Baba place us outside time?  Baba has said time is a rotating phenomenon.  Everything that occurs during 5000 years is predestined.  He knows it all in advance. He recounts the story to us in a general way.  He says you began at the Confluence Age, where the end and the beginning come together.  When both the end and the beginning touch each other, this is called the beginning.  It is the end also.  Any clock also shows time as a continuing rotation.  It takes 5000 years for all things to pass from the extreme state of paradise to the extreme state of hell.  Everything in between includes all the necessary events that describe the change required to transform heaven into hell.  This change is referred to as the decline from Satopradhan to Sato, to Rajo, to Tamo, to Tamopradhan.  It is the deterioration of the quality of matter and spirit from completely perfect to completely corrupt.

It changes from completely pure, harmonious through very slow but exponentially accelerating deterioration, until it is old, corrupt and rotten.   Finally there is an intervention of God who brings everything back to its original condition through injecting his power into those souls who take up the possibility of absorbing it and enabling it to pass through them.  The confluence of the end and the beginning is completely out of balance, extremely turbulent and cataclysmic.  God brings this chaos into order.  Then everything functions harmoniously; the climate, human relationships, governance, nature, agriculture, etc.

It is a question of rotating the cycle of 5000 years until it becomes a vortex.  This spinning moves so fast that you can step back mentally from the individual changes, and see the whole.  You detach from human cultures.  This is the perspective of God on the creation, which He can see from a far distance.  He knows everything, He knows the whole process and sees all things at one time.

He knows exactly who is who.  He knows who has done what, who will do what.  He knows the story and the personality of each one.  These are all characters in the great drama of human civilization.  He knows it all and this is why we say God is omniscient.  We do not remember what we did 400 years ago, or three thousand years ago.  This is a safety device of forgetfulness.  If you knew everything about yourself at all times, you could not endure your existence.  The huge gap between your perfection and your imperfection is too much for an individual to bear.  The greatness is too great and the fall is too far.  Gradually Baba makes us able to conceptualise, to accept and to bear this vast chasm between our origins and our end.  So that we can again bridge that gap and cross over, returning to our original condition.  This is accomplished through high speed rotation of the cycle in the mind.

It is only at the confluence between alpha and omega that God gives us the full information as it is the only time we can bear to hear it.  We have already hit bottom, there is no further down to go, and from here onwards there is the rising, the evolving of the soul to its peak of perfection.  He tells us this period of the confluence is very short.

This is the only time when you can create your fortune for a long time.  The impact of your activities and relationship with God last for the entire cycle to come.  So this is a very important time.  Any action performed at any other time period will have an impact on the life that follows that one, but not on your entire series of lives.  Normally, you do a little charity and receive a little fortune for one life.  However, whatever we do now has an impact for 21 lives, and there is an effect for the entire cycle of 84 lives.

This is not just an accumulation of savings, but it is a lottery.  Often God tells us that He has given us a lottery, or that we have won a lottery.  Whoever knows how to use this knowledge for his own profit and benefit as well as to benefit others, receives an incalculable return.  A lottery is different from a savings scheme.  You buy a ticket for 100 and you receive a prize of multi-millions.  It is a really good deal.  But this is so unbelievable that very few take it seriously.  This is why you receive such a great amount.  If many would understand the deal they would take it up, and consequently you would have relatively less.  What is the percentage of people from Tahiti here in this room?  Relative to the population of Tahiti it is a tiny fraction.

What price do we pay for this great fortune?  It is to use your time, breath and thought well.  Thought is the foundation of everything.  Through wasting thought, you waste your time.  This is also the same as wasting your breath.  The cost is to be disciplined in your life.  Our great problem is laziness.  We must be disciplined but not force ourselves and go out of balance.  Everything needs to remain in balance.  If we sprint we can run 100, 200 or 400 meters, but a marathon is 42 kilometres.  Spiritual practice is a marathon.  We have to be in for the long haul, so we must move at a speed which can be sustained until the end.  And our run is much further than 42 kilometres.  It is longer than 42 years.  This is reminiscent of the story of the hare and the tortoise.  This is our story.  To maintain a speed that can be kept up for years is to understand time.

It is important to practice rotating the cycle of 5000 years.  This action functions like a helicopter with rotary wings.  By rotating the wings you get lift.  The small rotor at the back is also required in order to provide direction.  Rotating the cycle means to create a vortex.  You know that a hurricane is also a vortex.  In the centre of the vortex it is completely calm and quiet.

The state of the world is increasing chaotic.  The practice of rotating the cycle is an instrument to remain in a state of total calm within chaotic situations.  Chaos is whirling all around us but we are in the centre of calm with our attention focussed above.  We are quietly in the middle knowing what is going to happen.  Others keep asking what is going to happen, but we know very well what is going to happen.  Circumstances will spin to the maximum extent then they will go to their opposite.

A law of spirituality is that once circumstances reach their ultimate extreme, everything changes and becomes something else.  Often we find ourselves in circumstances and we say “for how much longer will this go on?”  Spiritual law says it will continue until it is over.  When it’s over, it’s over.  What do we need?  Patience.

In the context of the 5000 year cycle, the life expectancy at the beginning of the cycle is average 150 years.  We remain physically and mentally in good condition for the first few lives.  In general these are beautiful lives for all, there are no illnesses, no hardships, population is small, there is prosperity.  As time goes on life expectancy diminishes until it can be a low as an average of 30 or 40 years.  There are infant mortality, accidents, diseases etc. which cut short a person’s life unexpectedly.  Many experience financial difficulty and even abject poverty.  Thus the knowledge of the cycle tells us that there is not progress, but devolution.  All the evolution occurs during the short period of the confluence age.  This time between the end and the new beginning is the time when we can know these things.  They remain unknown to us at all other times periods in the cycle.  During decline it is unbearable for a soul to know that they will simply continue to decline until they reach bottom, until they reach hell.  This is neither interesting nor attractive.

Obviously we are experiencing an exponential growth and development of technological progress.  It is interesting to note that this corresponds to the historical period that we call the Confluence Age.  Technical progress is visible and tangible to all, whereas the spiritual progress that we experience is incognito.  Those who are not studying and meditating as we are, will surely be declining rapidly.  Clearly, the quality of matter is in decline due to entropy.  Climate change is a consequence of disequilibrium in the natural cycles of air, water and earth.  There is both a human factor as well as factors beyond human influence such as sun spot activity, and switches in the magnetic orientation of the northern and southern hemispheres.

During this Confluence Age time period there are two very powerful energies in conflict with each other.  One is the energy of exponential decline and collapse of the world as we know it, which we call the tamopradhan stage.  The other is the intensely powerful energy of the Creator.  Science and technology have two important tasks to accomplish.  One is the technology of Artificial Intelligence, Internet, information technology, etc. for communications, media and umpteen applications.  The other is applying the same technology for weapons and the supporting military requirements.

Civilisation in the coming era will be extremely high tech.   The people at that time are more than intelligent, they use telepathy for communications, therefore they have no need for mobile phones etc.  They are also able to guide and control the extremely high tech machines using just their minds.   Transportation is not by cars and wheel based vehicles, but airplanes, individual and small size airplanes powered by clean nuclear energy, cold fusion most probably.  All the technology to be used in the coming era has to be invented at this time.  There is a need for extremely high tech weapons of mass destruction at this time also.  Technology is neutral like a knife.  You can stab a person’s body and kill them or you can cut fruits and vegetables with the same knife.  It depends on the person using it.  In the same way technology can be used in many ways depending on the person in possession of that technology.  The spiritual quality and integrity of the people of the future is such that they would support their civilization with excellent application of technology that is friendly to both the environment and humanity.   At this time technology is often applied from the angle of greed, fear, etc.

We are currently in between these two opposing forces which are in an extreme form at this time.  Baba is telling us to use the yantra.  You are familiar with the word mantraYantra means instrument.  There are sacred instruments.  Rotation of the cycle is a sacred instrument.  It enables you to remain in a state of calm in circumstances of total chaos.  Secondly it enables you to go beyond all things and watch what is going on from a far distance without getting distressed by perceived events.

We know we are eternal souls.  We know we have to pass through the total transformation of the world.  We know how to pass through this while remaining detached.  We are not afraid of death.  Neither of our own or that of others who are also eternal souls.  We have an overview of the future.  The main challenge is to pass through this period of destruction.  It is also a challenge to take full advantage of the confluence age and take benefit of the lottery that has been given to us.   We must make our lives successful and inspire others to do likewise.  All this is included in the gift of time.

God has given us time.  When we have control of time,  including the time for thought, it is said such a one is a sovereign.  When you control time it means you have become a master.  God says, I have come, I have opened a school.  If you wish to become masters, then come and learn.  I will teach you the most interesting matters and you will use it as you wish.  However the condition is to remain pure.  If a person does not remain pure, they are unable to absorb this information into their minds or intellects.  It is a protection.

Where did Christ and Buddha learn to become masters?  It had to have been during this period of the confluence age, and they had to have studied with God.  They are historical people dating from 2000 or 2500 years ago.  They subsequently reincarnated.  Even you do not know who you are, or who you were.  But God knows who we are, and who we were.  He says, come, you need this knowledge, I know who you are and you do not know who you are.   You need this because you need to raise your level of consciousness.  You have a role to play.  But we don’t know who we are.  Gradually he tells us: you were kings of ancient times.  You had once been great Gurus.  You had once been great military generals, great scholars,  And now you are completely ordinary people.

However within us are a few discernible signs.  One is great love for God.  Another is great love for humanity, and for the earth itself.  People with these characteristics must have been someone great in earlier times.    At this time most people are egoistic, and do not care much about others.  Baba knows who we are, and what we had done, and what we have become now.  He knows what is our potential.  Even if we fall to the lowest human level, our original identity persists.  Whatever we did subsequently does not change our original identity.  When we hear the teachings of Baba, our ancient identity re-awakens.  We begin to understand what he is telling us and to use the tools he is providing to us.  They work, and we are able to be connected with God.  We are able to stop our vices.  Vices cannot be overcome without the direct power of God.  It is an energy that purifies.

You say, I need a cigarette,  Why?  To handle your feelings.  Otherwise you don’t need any tobacco.  Or you say, I need a Whiskey, Why?  Because you are not doing well and you need something to calm you.  You need a drug.  You need a fix of Heroin, Why?  Because you need to feel good.  But these substances weaken us a great deal.  The relief is very temporary and will power is greatly weakened by drug use.  If you take power from Baba, then it restores you to your full power and gives you the possibility to handle your feelings.  This is called inner power.  Otherwise you are internally feeble.

Many people call out to God asking him to give them strength.  He says “OK, here, use me.  He says, I have many treasures, I have love, peace, power, I can purify you.  Use me.”  So then we say OK and we start to take power from Baba.  And we see that is works.

Then he says:  “Well, I will give you tests.  I will send you Maya.”  We say: “OK no problem.”  “I will put you into insanity and make you crazy.”  We say, “OK it’s alright.  We can handle it.”  He says, “I will put you in bad situations and vibrations. Everyone will be against you.”  We say “OK its alright.”  All this is the gift of time.

Within this treasure of time are many other treasures.  What is time.  It is events which have a certain duration and which occur somewhere.  That is time.  Otherwise time is just an idea.  But the reality of time and space is: events which have a certain duration and which occur somewhere.  All this is the theatre of events, people, activities and incidents.  These can all be positioned on a circle of time like the reel of a film.  In former times, films were on 35 millimetre plastic film.  You would keep reels of 2 hours in circular cans which were about 2 inches thick and about 10 inches wide.  I used to work in Television News many years ago.  We filmed the news items in 16 millimetre film, we cut the films with razor blades and sent the cans by airplane to reach Canada in time for the 10 pm news.  Now everything is sent by internet and takes a few seconds or minutes to upload.  Now you can store so much media in a tiny chip that can hold hundreds of gigabytes.  It is easy to project that the entire number of lives over a span of 5000 years of an individual can be contained in a tiny point of light.  It is not much of a leap of understanding to arrive at that awareness.

Baba is teaching us such a technology that you can understand all your lives.  What do we want to know?  We want to know who we are.  Not who I am now, not who I am going to become, but who I am in total.  Karma is about cause and effect.  The first cause is also the last effect so it is a closed circle.  That means it repeats identically.  There is the history of the world in general.  There is the history of the very important souls like Adam and Eve and Krishna, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammed.  These are important people.  Their biographies are important for everyone.  Your story is important for you.  It does not necessarily mean much for others, but it is important to you.  He gives the template that shows how it works.  He says, “go into your soul.   Research and you will find out who you are.   Become once again who you are.”

There are three stages.   Your original stage, your eternal stage and your final stage.  All three are the same.  What we are eternally in the soul world is our potential.  What we were when we first arrived on earth was our maximum best.  And at the end when God has completed working on us we will also have the same condition.  All this is a closed circuit.  He gives us this.  This is the gift of time.  He gives us the gift of our identity, so that we can know who we are.  We have to ponder deeply, to know who we are.  We have to face various illusions about ourselves.  We have to go into silence.  This is for everyone, but not everyone will take this up.

What will we do in 2019?  There will be much turbulence, much disturbance.  Volcanos are becoming more and more active.  One third of Anuk Krakatoa fell into the ocean and created a Tsunami.   Mururoa can break very easily  It is very fragile and delicately in balance.  If it breaks then so much radio active nuclear waste escapes into the ocean.

In 2019 we need to rotate the cycle of time in our minds.  We must create a vortex and remain in the calm centre in the middle of the vortex of great turbulence of world events.  Sit in the calm with much peace and much faith.  If we hesitate, we cannot remain in calm.  There is faith that everything is ok and I am sitting in the middle of my vortex.  Et voilà.

Baba makes us go where we have to go.  Why did he call us?  We are here because something made us come here, or inspired us to come there.  Baba called us, but why?  He wants to give us something, and he wants us to do something that only we can do.  Only those people who can connect themselves directly to God can be channels through whom God can dispatch his energy throughout the world.  This is also interesting.  What should a channel do.  He has to just be there and not move around.  The water has to flow through the channel.  So just stay steady and let the water, or the energy flow.  Some rivers flow faster than others, some are more powerful than others.

What will you do in 2019?  A channel who lets the energy flow well must use his time, breath and thought to create a lot of fortune, and inspire everyone else to do likewise.  That’s it.

It is not that difficult.  The reason there are exams, or ordeals, is so that we pass them.  Exams have no other purpose than to enable us to rise to the next level.  Why does God put us through ordeals?  It is to strengthen us, and to make us experienced.  These are the two purposes of going through ordeals.  What is required in us is courage, patience, faith and confidence.  We are his children so he will take care of us.  This stands to reason.

God has no karmic accounts.  He is the creator and He knows who each person is.  He has no problems.  He is always in a state of bliss.  He has concerns because He does not like to see any one starving.  He does not like to see his children suffer.

The order of our concern has to be I first, then God, then others.  If we put the self first it means we consider ourselves responsible for our lives, and for whatever is happening to us.  He gives us these teachings.

He teaches us to take responsibility for our actions.  I am God’s child and his student.  He has raised us and educated us.  He says do not take responsibility for others. That is my responsibility.  This is my problem, not yours.  You do not have enough power to look after the rest of the world.  This is my responsibility.

Our culture teaches us to put others first and put ourselves last.  When we think about others and neglect to think abut ourselves, we find ourselves in trouble.  We get into karmic bondages.

Putting yourself first means. What time did I get up today?  That is my responsibility.  Not to be concerned about what time someone else got up.  What am I doing? Am I acting as I should?    If I act correctly then God will be pleased and others will be inspired.

In our culture, saying me first is considered a form of egoism, because it is assumed that you put your selfish desires first.  But to say I first means to take responsibility and to expect to be held accountable for what I am doing.

God is telling us that He is OK.  He says, I have no problems.  You have problems.  Most of your problems stem from not having understood that you are responsible for yourselves.  He says I will not act on your behalf.  He says I am your back bone.  I am holding you up and guiding you.  Other people are my problem not yours.  Very often when you try to take over other people, it does not work out very well.  You may well try to change other people, but it is not usually successful.  You can inspire them and be an example.

He gives us free choice.  A good choice would be to act as He teaches us to act.  Of course He is first in terms of being our source and our inspiration.  Be aware, I am responsible for everything that is happening to me.  And for everything that has happened to me.

I can say that everything that is happening and has happened to me is due to my karma, or is a consequence of my karma.  To a certain degree I am also responsible for whatever is happening to all of us.  We cannot think I am alone, I am also with others.  My attitude towards others has an effect.  What I have done, what I have been in the past few thousand years, has contributed to bring the current situation into being.  This is true particularly if you are in a position of leadership.  Some people ae more influential than others.

For example Mr Trump has a lot of influence and many people are affected by what he does.  He is also affected by having affected all those people.  That also affects the American people because he is their elected representative.  It is like the symbol of infinity.  “What goes around comes around.”

In terms of climate change.  Each person who uses plastic bags contributes to the islands of plastic debris that are to be found floating in the ocean.  It is amazing to me that the ocean has managed to tidy up the plastic debris that we wantonly throw into it into piles and thereby protect the sea life from damage to some extent.  There is a sign in a national park saying “Animals respect their environment.  Please conduct yourselves like animals while in this place.”  We must be aware of being not only responsible for what are obvious effects of our conduct, but there are many other very far reaching effects of our individual and collective actions including pollution, the government we have.  There are many things we are responsible for but over which we have no control.  For example we are responsible for the fact that we age.  We are responsible for the fact that time is passing by, everyone is becoming old and corrupt.  We are all in the same boat.  We are implicated.  When one person takes meaningful action and remains in contact with God, he or she spreads a powerful atmosphere.  The effect of this can be very far reaching.  This is why it is good to become a channel for God.

About BKD classes

I am a student and teacher at Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. This blog contains my classes and "churnings" of the knowledge, spiritual practice and meditation taught at the BKWSU. Please enjoy and I would love to hear your feedback. Om Shanti

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