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Is There an Angel Sleeping Inside You?

Talk for BK IT Professionals at Om Shanti Retreat Centre, Gurgaon, Delhi, 9 February, 2019

Is there a sleeping angel inside you?  Our subject today is Awakening the Angel Within.  So there must be a sleeping angel inside.  Is there a sleeping angel, or a sleeping devil?  You are working with information technology and artificial intelligence.  Artificial intelligence provides an extra dimension.  Have you all seen Steven Spielberg’s film Ready Player One?  It is a film about virtual reality – a reality that is not really there.  The players are not interested in the reality that is there, so they hardly participate in it.  They participate in another reality with other identities.  How many identities do you have?  Do you know all your births?  You can calculate them by looking at your present sanskaras.  You have enough information to calculate electronically what your births probably were by putting your details into the matrix Satopradhan, Sato, Rajo, Tamo, Tamopradhan.

How many films can you keep on a chip?  A hundred, a thousand?  In 1937 when the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University was established, the idea of an identically repeating series of many pre-recorded human births in one dot was unthinkable.  Now it is conceivable.  It is easy to imagine that everything you experience in what is called “the real world,” is actually going on in your mind.  You know that you perceive the material world through your sense organs.  But where you actually experience it is in your mind.  That is a different dimension from “the real world.”  Where is your mind?  What is your mind?  It is very subtle.

What actually is an angel? 

It resembles an alternative identity.  In Video Gaming, you create an identity and meet another person who has another created identity.  You can have a relationship with someone through your other identity and their other identity, which you experience as more real than your actual identity.  Then the question arises, what really is real?  How do we determine what is real?

Technology is like a gift from God.  Technology is very relevant for beneficial work today.  How are we using it?  There are so many possibilities.  With animation techniques and virtual reality you can enable anyone to go through their births in such a way that it is experienced as a reality through video gaming masks.  You are familiar with this.  We have enough information that through animation software we can create a golden age in such a way that you can go there, get in your viman, press the button and go anywhere you can think of.  All you need in a little creativity; you are limited only by your imagination.  You can do all this electronically.  Now the challenge is to work only with your mind.

An angel is a soul who functions independently of their physical body.  You know how Steven Hawking was functioning.  He had a body but it was not particularly usable, so he did everything through technology.  He had a voice which was not his voice.  He could go anywhere and do anything through technology.  Normally when a body is not usable, you leave it and get another one.  Now you can leave your body without getting another one.  An angel uses a body made of white light.  You can represent that with film technology and make a hologram.  It looks like the shadow body of light.  With your mind, you can travel anywhere.  You just need focussed attention. As scientists you already have good power of concentration.

What is your mind?

The mind is an instrument of the soul for experiencing a reality which is non-visible, and intangible; it is the world of thoughts.  It is also an instrument for communicating with other minds without out the use of telephones, directly mind to mind.  There is the practice and study of Raja Yoga.  Yoga can also be a form of telepathic communication between yourself and God.  What makes us physical or bound by materialism is that the soul is not very pure.  The more the soul is pure, the more you are able to function in the region of the mind.  Everything in the material world is like a three dimensional movie that you can switch on or off at will.  You know in Television Broadcasting there are at least 100 channels.  You can switch to any channel you want with the flick of a button.  Or you can turn it off.  So this reality or that reality is effectively the same.  It is said in spirituality that the definition of reality is something that remains beyond change: “It was, it is and it will be.”  It is quite difficult to maintain pure thoughts.  The instruction from God is:  “Practice to create and sustain only pure thought.  With your mind, produce no ordinary, no waste and no negative thought, only pure thought, then you will function as an angel.”

Something particular happens when a mind functions only with pure thought.  When there is a mixture of one or two pure thoughts with quite a few ordinary thoughts and a few negative thoughts, you have no power and you are limited to the material reality.  An angel does not have any ordinary or negative thoughts, only pure thoughts.

We have a little information about angels.

We know that there is such a thing as an angel.  An angel resides somewhere in the dimension that we call the subtle region.  The subtle region is powered by the energy of the mind.  We have the possibility to do service through the mind – mansa sevaMansa seva can be done when you have only pure thought.  A profitable experiment is to try to have 24 hours with only pure thoughts.  This is not so easy.  There are two causes of ordinary or negative thoughts.  One is that the soul is not yet satopradhan (completely pure).   Secondly there are still some karmic accounts pulling the mind.  When the mind is free, that is karmateet, nothing is pulling the mind.  That means you are free to have only pure thoughts.  Although we are in physical bodies we can practice functioning using the power of pure thought.

When you are working, you focus on your work.  Your work is neutral.  It is not a matter of doing action that is good or bad, you just get your work done.  Your work does not usually involve directly harming people, although some people do harm through their job.  Normally you are doing neutral technical work.  It is not “ordinary” in the sense of day to day human interaction.  You are interacting with machines.  You are sitting at your terminal, at your screen, you are dealing with science and technology.  In many ways it is neutral and you are doing it to earn your living, because you require food, shelter, clothing, and you have responsibilities.  In many ways you can say your work action is neutral.

The important question is: “where does the mind go in between?”  We practice Raja Yoga in our free time.  When you have free time you do something that you do not have to do.  Your mind gets pulled when you are free, when you lose concentration or get distracted from your work, or you take a break.  When you are free your mind goes to wherever you are attached.  Alternatively, while you are working, someone comes along and interrupts you.  Then that becomes  human interaction.  This becomes a test of: “am I interacting in a way that keeps me free?”  or “am I in material consciousness at that moment?”  “Is a reaction, irritation, or any other negative emotion triggered?”  You are under test when there is a provocation.  It is difficult to function accurately under those conditions.  The test comes suddenly and unexpectedly.  Suddenly the power goes out, and you lose all your data. Then you get irritated.  This is normal.  But the test is: “Can you be neutral?”  You have arrangements to back up your data every few seconds, minutes, or whatever.  Then you don’t lose that much data.  If you do everything in the best possible way, you are functioning as accurately as possible under the circumstances.

When you finish work, you go home.  There may be waste thoughts about your family members, neighbours, friends etc.  But when you interact with your machine, that is neutral.  At that time you are hardly connected with your body.  Your brain, eyes and fingers are working, the rest is inactive.  It is quite bodiless.  That is an advantage.  As soon as you come into the everyday world of interaction with people, places and things, you have choice as to whether you operate with pure karma or according to some pull of karma, some karmic bondage.  This does not apply to playing games on your computer or mobile phone.  That can be an addiction, which is a waste of time and causes loss of spiritual power.

Karmateet means to be free. 

Because of spiritual knowledge, we can consider the occurrences in normal reality as just one more three dimensional movie.  Whether you are wearing that gaming mask or not, it is basically not that different.  What makes it different is your attachment.  If you have no attachment then it is basically the same.

But then God speaks about love.  Love is a very special thing.  Because of love, God sustains the human family through angelic forms.  When we want to awaken this angelic dimension of ourselves, we also can be motivated by pure love.  What gets in the way?  With our two eyes we perceive people’s faults.  Then our stage of spiritual love is interfered with by the perception of someone’s faults.  It is all about perception.

Information technology gives you a window through which to see physical reality differently.  Spiritual study is about perception.  To be soul conscious means that you see something physical through your eyes.  You hear a sound through your ears.  You taste some food through your tongue.  You smell something through your nose, or touch something through your skin.

Our body is a living configuration of sense organs.  What you perceive in the dimension of matter are the objects of sense perception, but you experience all this in your mind.  You do not experience this glass of water out there.   You experience it in your mind.  You are so used to thinking that you experience it out there that you think it is actually out here that you experience it.  In fact you experience the material world through your body.  So you need to practice to be detached from the objects of sense perception, which are people, places and things.  You can also practice to be detached from your sense organs.  If you do that, you will be independent of the power of material reality to put you in karmic bondage.

Interacting with people who are unaware of this level of spiritual perception is a challenge.  Raja Yoga is not very easy.  It is called Easy Raja Yoga, but if you try it you will find that it is not easy because it is very subtle.  In spite of these real challenges  the effort is to cultivate the capacity of functioning independently of your sense organs and the objects of sense perception knowing that all of your experiences are taking place inside your soul.  That includes your challenges and obstacles.  You experience it in the same way as if it would be virtual reality.  Your experience of the people who think there is something wrong with you, is also in your mind.  The challenge is: how do you manage your mind, including all your feelings in such a way that you experience yourself as a master.

This is the practice.

You do this at a progressively subtle level.  If you do not feel progress, you are not happy.  The obstacles you experience tend to happen more powerfully than your progress.  Then you feel disheartened or irritated with yourself.  This is why you study, cultivate and develop this.  In order to succeed you need to take more power from God.

When you want more computing power, what are you really talking about?  You are interested in a better processor that can process data faster.  What is your soul?  It is a subtle phenomenon of human intelligence that can process data.    Real intelligence and artificial intelligence are fairly similar because the people who created artificial intelligence tried to copy intelligence.  That means there are intelligent people thinking about intelligence.

You want to make your intelligence work better.  In terms of spiritual practice, you have a mind, an intellect and some sanskaras.  When you say “intellect,” what do you mean?  In English we use the word “intellect” for the Hindi word Buddhi.  There is the expression Buddhi Yoga.  So you have to figure out what is Buddhi Yoga.   I consider it to mean focus of attention.  I have an instrument in my soul which can focus attention.  I have another instrument in my soul which can perceive either physical things through the organs of sense perception, or I can perceive atmosphere.  I call that the sixth sense.  You also have to perceive God, who is not human.  It is quite a challenge to have a relationship with a non-human.

What is a non-human?

You have no clue about something higher than a human.  God introduces himself.  He says in comparison with your television system, mine is much better, because I can see with my TV camera what is going on in your mind.  Your TV cameras can only see what is going on physically.    Your cameras are copies of your eyes.  His camera is a copy of his mind, and he is very fast.  He is reciprocal, so as soon as someone remembers him, he remembers them back.  There are around 8 billion souls and a few of them are remembering God.

There are about one million people who have the information as to how to develop the capacity to focus their intellect on God through the study and practice of Raja Yoga.   Whenever they do that he has to respond.  God has such an instrument of perception that he can feel what is happening in everyone’s mind, including all the many devotees in the different religions.  He has very high speed computing capacity.   So his intelligence is superior to ours.  You want to exceed your normal capability.  Slowly and gradually you exceed it.  Mostly your progress is slow, because you are gross.  You don’t understand spiritual knowledge deeply.  You are high tech but he is a lot higher tech than you.  You need to make your intellect considerably more functional.  When thoughts are pure it changes the quality of the intellect.  I also consider “intellect” to include “conscience”.  In Hindi conscience is Vivek.  This is an instrument or a function of the intellect or intelligence.  Your conscience is a mechanism in the soul that can detect whether something is correct or incorrect, in terms of true or untrue, and whether morally it is right or wrong.  We all have a conscience but it is not functioning well.  I researched this and found that the reason is that most people go against the voice of conscience at least 6 or 7 times per day regarding small or big matters.

Every time you do something against the voice of conscience which is 6 – 7 times per day every day of your life since you were about the age of 4.  If you are over 80 years old that is about 200,000 times.  Every time you act against the voice of conscience it is similar to a virus in your computer which is messing up your system.  Because of this the conscience is progressively losing functionality.  It can even lose functionality altogether.  This is why we are blocked in our ability to operate as an angel, or to maintain pure thought.

This happens because it costs you a lot to be truthful.  People say it does not cost you anything to be truthful, but this is a lie.  It is much cheaper to be dishonest than to be honest.  There are many concepts that we have accepted as truth, but when you analyse them in a subtle way, you find that they are actually not true.  One reason why you would go against your conscience is because you would not look good.  Other people might comment, and you don’t want that.  You want them to think that you are very good.  You then do something against your conscience because of that.  But the price you pay is that your conscience loses functionality.  That is a very high price to pay just so that someone thinks that you are good.  Your conscience would say that you are not as good as you want them to think you are.  The word we use for this is Ego.

If you are true it also makes others look bad.  They don’t like that.  They react and give you a hard time.  This is why it is so expensive to be truthful.  However, now that you know the price of not being truthful, you probably think it is too high.  Being a good business person, you do not want to pay an unnecessarily high price.  Once that awareness is clear, you are compelled to do things differently.

How do you repair a dysfunctional conscience?

It can be repaired.  The soul gets into real trouble, but it is immortal, so there is no choice, you have to fix it.  The remembrance of God is a frequency.  When you have contact with God you experience that frequency.  Contact with Maya (the deception of materialism) is a different frequency.  For yoga we sometimes use the word “tuning.”  Tuning your mind to God.  When you tune a musical instrument you adjust that string or wind instrument, so that the frequency of the note is correct.  In material consciousness, the frequency of your soul is dissonant.  Therefore, it does not sound right and you are dissatisfied.  When you tighten that string and make the frequency of your soul harmonic and in harmony with God this allows the energy to flow through.  In this way, you can accumulate power in the soul.

When there is power in the soul, there is a change.  From being unable, it changes to being able.  You go against your conscience because of weakness.  It is never because you are bad.  The only reason for acting against your conscience is you are weak.  When you are powerful there is nothing to stop you from following the voice of conscience.  The problem is that your understanding is gross.  So you only understand and appreciate half of the information.  You are not able to process the other half of the information.  But if you wanted to you could comprehend it.  You study so that you process whatever you don’t understand, until you do understand it.  This is the meaning of churning the ocean of knowledge.  Churning means spinning.  You have to spin information in order to extract meaning.  Once you understand it, you can act on it because it makes sense.  Even when you finally understand it, the biggest problem is that you do not have the power to do what you want to do.

Your will power is also in your intellect.  But intelligence has become weak.  You use various expressions such as: “I would if I could but I can’t.”  Or you say “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.”  The force of negativity is nothing other than the energy of your past negative karma.  Past negative karma pulls you into a dissonant frequency.  Your will is a force that resists that pull, if it is strong enough.  You want to increase the strength of your will by harmonising your frequency with God, and taking energy so that the power of the past karma is neutralised by your spiritual power.  Do you understand?  This is how you repair your conscience.  But it is not easy.

Raja Yoga is for the highest quality souls.

Perhaps you think that you took many births, and somewhere inside you there is the potential to be the highest quality out of all the human souls.  You have the capacity to make contact with God, which other people may not have.  Recognition of God is rare.  It is the capacity to connect your soul to God, to take power, and to fix your conscience to be able to function in a satopradhan (pure) energy field.   Then you can actually be a conduit for God.  God is immutable and does no karma.  If he did, he would come into karmic bondage.  He must continue to be free.  The only way he can do this is to get you and me and anyone capable, to tune to him in such a way that his energy can not only pass into us but also pass through us and affect the force field in the world.

This is our special function.  That is called being super intelligent.  God gives spiritual information which makes it possible to have yoga.  This makes it possible to alter destiny, to change the chaotic direction of the world to a paradisical direction.  All this is accomplished by changing the frequency.

What is the difference between the angelic stage and the seed stage?  The seed stage is when the mind is still.  In English for Shanti we have three words.  Peace, silence and stillness.  When you make your mind still, it means you are completely detached from your body.  That is more powerful, but it is not easy.  As long as you are in your body, your mind is fluttering.  The angelic stage is in between.  In the angelic stage your thought is pure.  Your mind is still functioning, thoughts are still running.  In the seed stage your mind is stopped.  You arrive at the stage of absolute stillness after a long period of time emerging only pure thoughts.  Do not imagine that this is particularly easy raja yoga.  This is difficult because it is subtle and precise.  The only way we can do it practically is step by step.

It is a substantial shift to move from gross and ordinary to this level of subtlety.  To become a divine human being is not ordinary.  Ask yourself, what is possible for me?  You do not know who you are.  The only way you can find out about yourself is to see how far you can go in yoga.

In this practice, one thing is to really understand that I experience all things in my mind, not out here.  I am experiencing material reality, which is people, places and things, through my sense organs.  The Gita tells you this.  This information has been there for thousands of years, but no one could figure it out practically.  What is new is that God has become accessible and is now telling you how to access him and remember him as the incorporeal supreme being, also how to bring yourself into the consciousness of the soul by detaching from your body.

Unless you know what a soul is and that you are a soul, you cannot even begin to detach from the body. The information provided on the path of devotion is imprecise.  There are a few mistakes.  God corrects those mistakes.  In the scriptures it is said that the soul is real, so devotees conclude that the soul is part of God.  Because of that they conclude it is not possible for the soul to perform karma.   This is faulty logic.  God says,  “You are not part of God, you do perform karma, and there is a big effect, so take care about what you are doing.”

Once you have that information you function differently.  However, because of taking so many births in body consciousness, even if you know it, you cannot do it because you do not have enough power.  Then you mix God’s ideas with human ideas.  This mixture prevents you from achieving what you are trying to achieve.  Then you have to separate this mixture.

A swan intellect can separate milk and water.

This is symbolic.  What is this milk?  What is this water?  Water is ordinary thoughts, based in materialist ideas. You have to distinguish.  In chemistry one way to separate things is to spin them.  Then one element goes to one side and the other element goes to the other side. God uses the symbol of milk to represent knowledge.  When you churn the milk, first it separates into butter milk and butter.  Then to extract the remaining water, you have to cook the butter so that the water vaporises.  Heat is also required in the process of separation. When there is no water remaining in the milk, you have Ghi.  This is the process of removing the concepts that come from a human source.  When you are working purely with concepts that originate in a divine source, your intelligence will work better.