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These are classes given at BK centres for experienced BK students.

Co-operation, Tolerance and Contentment

Dadi Janki

Dadi Janki, Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

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This class was given by BKD at Global Retrat Centre shortly after the event at Oxford University Examination Hall, entitled “Conversations with Extraordinary Women” with Lynn Franks, Judy Rogers, Sarah Cavanagh and Dadi Janki, with Sr Jayanti translating her, during Dadi’s visit to UK in May 2011.

Women in London

Denise women’s group May 24

Om shanti,  This is a talk for women in London on May 24, 2011.  Just click the blue underlined link above to listen to the talk.  Enjoy!

Motivation and Creativity
Unblocking the heart.  Developing sensitivity to perceive the subtle and the not obvious.
Special qualities needed by women are cooperation, tolerance and contentment.
Women are less inclined towards corruption than men because they are more inclined to care, however their inclination to slander and gossip is negative.
The impact of female socialization in a patriarchal society.
Queen Essence – the function of a woman to exude and distribute a special fragrance and vibration
Spiritual Love

The photograph is of a vestal virgin at a museum in Athens. 

Churning the Knowledge

Bologna – Churning

Om Shanti,  This is a class presented in Bologna, Italy, on Churning the Knowledge.  How to Churn and why churning is so essential for your meditation practice.

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