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Is There an Angel Sleeping Inside You?

Talk for BK IT Professionals at Om Shanti Retreat Centre, Gurgaon, Delhi, 9 February, 2019

Is there a sleeping angel inside you?  Our subject today is Awakening the Angel Within.  So there must be a sleeping angel inside.  Is there a sleeping angel, or a sleeping devil?  You are working with information technology and artificial intelligence.  Artificial intelligence provides an extra dimension.  Have you all seen Steven Spielberg’s film Ready Player One?  It is a film about virtual reality – a reality that is not really there.  The players are not interested in the reality that is there, so they hardly participate in it.  They participate in another reality with other identities.  How many identities do you have?  Do you know all your births?  You can calculate them by looking at your present sanskaras.  You have enough information to calculate electronically what your births probably were by putting your details into the matrix Satopradhan, Sato, Rajo, Tamo, Tamopradhan.

How many films can you keep on a chip?  A hundred, a thousand?  In 1937 when the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University was established, the idea of an identically repeating series of many pre-recorded human births in one dot was unthinkable.  Now it is conceivable.  It is easy to imagine that everything you experience in what is called “the real world,” is actually going on in your mind.  You know that you perceive the material world through your sense organs.  But where you actually experience it is in your mind.  That is a different dimension from “the real world.”  Where is your mind?  What is your mind?  It is very subtle.

What actually is an angel? 

It resembles an alternative identity.  In Video Gaming, you create an identity and meet another person who has another created identity.  You can have a relationship with someone through your other identity and their other identity, which you experience as more real than your actual identity.  Then the question arises, what really is real?  How do we determine what is real?

Technology is like a gift from God.  Technology is very relevant for beneficial work today.  How are we using it?  There are so many possibilities.  With animation techniques and virtual reality you can enable anyone to go through their births in such a way that it is experienced as a reality through video gaming masks.  You are familiar with this.  We have enough information that through animation software we can create a golden age in such a way that you can go there, get in your viman, press the button and go anywhere you can think of.  All you need in a little creativity; you are limited only by your imagination.  You can do all this electronically.  Now the challenge is to work only with your mind.

An angel is a soul who functions independently of their physical body.  You know how Steven Hawking was functioning.  He had a body but it was not particularly usable, so he did everything through technology.  He had a voice which was not his voice.  He could go anywhere and do anything through technology.  Normally when a body is not usable, you leave it and get another one.  Now you can leave your body without getting another one.  An angel uses a body made of white light.  You can represent that with film technology and make a hologram.  It looks like the shadow body of light.  With your mind, you can travel anywhere.  You just need focussed attention. As scientists you already have good power of concentration.

What is your mind?

The mind is an instrument of the soul for experiencing a reality which is non-visible, and intangible; it is the world of thoughts.  It is also an instrument for communicating with other minds without out the use of telephones, directly mind to mind.  There is the practice and study of Raja Yoga.  Yoga can also be a form of telepathic communication between yourself and God.  What makes us physical or bound by materialism is that the soul is not very pure.  The more the soul is pure, the more you are able to function in the region of the mind.  Everything in the material world is like a three dimensional movie that you can switch on or off at will.  You know in Television Broadcasting there are at least 100 channels.  You can switch to any channel you want with the flick of a button.  Or you can turn it off.  So this reality or that reality is effectively the same.  It is said in spirituality that the definition of reality is something that remains beyond change: “It was, it is and it will be.”  It is quite difficult to maintain pure thoughts.  The instruction from God is:  “Practice to create and sustain only pure thought.  With your mind, produce no ordinary, no waste and no negative thought, only pure thought, then you will function as an angel.”

Something particular happens when a mind functions only with pure thought.  When there is a mixture of one or two pure thoughts with quite a few ordinary thoughts and a few negative thoughts, you have no power and you are limited to the material reality.  An angel does not have any ordinary or negative thoughts, only pure thoughts.

We have a little information about angels.

We know that there is such a thing as an angel.  An angel resides somewhere in the dimension that we call the subtle region.  The subtle region is powered by the energy of the mind.  We have the possibility to do service through the mind – mansa sevaMansa seva can be done when you have only pure thought.  A profitable experiment is to try to have 24 hours with only pure thoughts.  This is not so easy.  There are two causes of ordinary or negative thoughts.  One is that the soul is not yet satopradhan (completely pure).   Secondly there are still some karmic accounts pulling the mind.  When the mind is free, that is karmateet, nothing is pulling the mind.  That means you are free to have only pure thoughts.  Although we are in physical bodies we can practice functioning using the power of pure thought.

When you are working, you focus on your work.  Your work is neutral.  It is not a matter of doing action that is good or bad, you just get your work done.  Your work does not usually involve directly harming people, although some people do harm through their job.  Normally you are doing neutral technical work.  It is not “ordinary” in the sense of day to day human interaction.  You are interacting with machines.  You are sitting at your terminal, at your screen, you are dealing with science and technology.  In many ways it is neutral and you are doing it to earn your living, because you require food, shelter, clothing, and you have responsibilities.  In many ways you can say your work action is neutral.

The important question is: “where does the mind go in between?”  We practice Raja Yoga in our free time.  When you have free time you do something that you do not have to do.  Your mind gets pulled when you are free, when you lose concentration or get distracted from your work, or you take a break.  When you are free your mind goes to wherever you are attached.  Alternatively, while you are working, someone comes along and interrupts you.  Then that becomes  human interaction.  This becomes a test of: “am I interacting in a way that keeps me free?”  or “am I in material consciousness at that moment?”  “Is a reaction, irritation, or any other negative emotion triggered?”  You are under test when there is a provocation.  It is difficult to function accurately under those conditions.  The test comes suddenly and unexpectedly.  Suddenly the power goes out, and you lose all your data. Then you get irritated.  This is normal.  But the test is: “Can you be neutral?”  You have arrangements to back up your data every few seconds, minutes, or whatever.  Then you don’t lose that much data.  If you do everything in the best possible way, you are functioning as accurately as possible under the circumstances.

When you finish work, you go home.  There may be waste thoughts about your family members, neighbours, friends etc.  But when you interact with your machine, that is neutral.  At that time you are hardly connected with your body.  Your brain, eyes and fingers are working, the rest is inactive.  It is quite bodiless.  That is an advantage.  As soon as you come into the everyday world of interaction with people, places and things, you have choice as to whether you operate with pure karma or according to some pull of karma, some karmic bondage.  This does not apply to playing games on your computer or mobile phone.  That can be an addiction, which is a waste of time and causes loss of spiritual power.

Karmateet means to be free. 

Because of spiritual knowledge, we can consider the occurrences in normal reality as just one more three dimensional movie.  Whether you are wearing that gaming mask or not, it is basically not that different.  What makes it different is your attachment.  If you have no attachment then it is basically the same.

But then God speaks about love.  Love is a very special thing.  Because of love, God sustains the human family through angelic forms.  When we want to awaken this angelic dimension of ourselves, we also can be motivated by pure love.  What gets in the way?  With our two eyes we perceive people’s faults.  Then our stage of spiritual love is interfered with by the perception of someone’s faults.  It is all about perception.

Information technology gives you a window through which to see physical reality differently.  Spiritual study is about perception.  To be soul conscious means that you see something physical through your eyes.  You hear a sound through your ears.  You taste some food through your tongue.  You smell something through your nose, or touch something through your skin.

Our body is a living configuration of sense organs.  What you perceive in the dimension of matter are the objects of sense perception, but you experience all this in your mind.  You do not experience this glass of water out there.   You experience it in your mind.  You are so used to thinking that you experience it out there that you think it is actually out here that you experience it.  In fact you experience the material world through your body.  So you need to practice to be detached from the objects of sense perception, which are people, places and things.  You can also practice to be detached from your sense organs.  If you do that, you will be independent of the power of material reality to put you in karmic bondage.

Interacting with people who are unaware of this level of spiritual perception is a challenge.  Raja Yoga is not very easy.  It is called Easy Raja Yoga, but if you try it you will find that it is not easy because it is very subtle.  In spite of these real challenges  the effort is to cultivate the capacity of functioning independently of your sense organs and the objects of sense perception knowing that all of your experiences are taking place inside your soul.  That includes your challenges and obstacles.  You experience it in the same way as if it would be virtual reality.  Your experience of the people who think there is something wrong with you, is also in your mind.  The challenge is: how do you manage your mind, including all your feelings in such a way that you experience yourself as a master.

This is the practice.

You do this at a progressively subtle level.  If you do not feel progress, you are not happy.  The obstacles you experience tend to happen more powerfully than your progress.  Then you feel disheartened or irritated with yourself.  This is why you study, cultivate and develop this.  In order to succeed you need to take more power from God.

When you want more computing power, what are you really talking about?  You are interested in a better processor that can process data faster.  What is your soul?  It is a subtle phenomenon of human intelligence that can process data.    Real intelligence and artificial intelligence are fairly similar because the people who created artificial intelligence tried to copy intelligence.  That means there are intelligent people thinking about intelligence.

You want to make your intelligence work better.  In terms of spiritual practice, you have a mind, an intellect and some sanskaras.  When you say “intellect,” what do you mean?  In English we use the word “intellect” for the Hindi word Buddhi.  There is the expression Buddhi Yoga.  So you have to figure out what is Buddhi Yoga.   I consider it to mean focus of attention.  I have an instrument in my soul which can focus attention.  I have another instrument in my soul which can perceive either physical things through the organs of sense perception, or I can perceive atmosphere.  I call that the sixth sense.  You also have to perceive God, who is not human.  It is quite a challenge to have a relationship with a non-human.

What is a non-human?

You have no clue about something higher than a human.  God introduces himself.  He says in comparison with your television system, mine is much better, because I can see with my TV camera what is going on in your mind.  Your TV cameras can only see what is going on physically.    Your cameras are copies of your eyes.  His camera is a copy of his mind, and he is very fast.  He is reciprocal, so as soon as someone remembers him, he remembers them back.  There are around 8 billion souls and a few of them are remembering God.

There are about one million people who have the information as to how to develop the capacity to focus their intellect on God through the study and practice of Raja Yoga.   Whenever they do that he has to respond.  God has such an instrument of perception that he can feel what is happening in everyone’s mind, including all the many devotees in the different religions.  He has very high speed computing capacity.   So his intelligence is superior to ours.  You want to exceed your normal capability.  Slowly and gradually you exceed it.  Mostly your progress is slow, because you are gross.  You don’t understand spiritual knowledge deeply.  You are high tech but he is a lot higher tech than you.  You need to make your intellect considerably more functional.  When thoughts are pure it changes the quality of the intellect.  I also consider “intellect” to include “conscience”.  In Hindi conscience is Vivek.  This is an instrument or a function of the intellect or intelligence.  Your conscience is a mechanism in the soul that can detect whether something is correct or incorrect, in terms of true or untrue, and whether morally it is right or wrong.  We all have a conscience but it is not functioning well.  I researched this and found that the reason is that most people go against the voice of conscience at least 6 or 7 times per day regarding small or big matters.

Every time you do something against the voice of conscience which is 6 – 7 times per day every day of your life since you were about the age of 4.  If you are over 80 years old that is about 200,000 times.  Every time you act against the voice of conscience it is similar to a virus in your computer which is messing up your system.  Because of this the conscience is progressively losing functionality.  It can even lose functionality altogether.  This is why we are blocked in our ability to operate as an angel, or to maintain pure thought.

This happens because it costs you a lot to be truthful.  People say it does not cost you anything to be truthful, but this is a lie.  It is much cheaper to be dishonest than to be honest.  There are many concepts that we have accepted as truth, but when you analyse them in a subtle way, you find that they are actually not true.  One reason why you would go against your conscience is because you would not look good.  Other people might comment, and you don’t want that.  You want them to think that you are very good.  You then do something against your conscience because of that.  But the price you pay is that your conscience loses functionality.  That is a very high price to pay just so that someone thinks that you are good.  Your conscience would say that you are not as good as you want them to think you are.  The word we use for this is Ego.

If you are true it also makes others look bad.  They don’t like that.  They react and give you a hard time.  This is why it is so expensive to be truthful.  However, now that you know the price of not being truthful, you probably think it is too high.  Being a good business person, you do not want to pay an unnecessarily high price.  Once that awareness is clear, you are compelled to do things differently.

How do you repair a dysfunctional conscience?

It can be repaired.  The soul gets into real trouble, but it is immortal, so there is no choice, you have to fix it.  The remembrance of God is a frequency.  When you have contact with God you experience that frequency.  Contact with Maya (the deception of materialism) is a different frequency.  For yoga we sometimes use the word “tuning.”  Tuning your mind to God.  When you tune a musical instrument you adjust that string or wind instrument, so that the frequency of the note is correct.  In material consciousness, the frequency of your soul is dissonant.  Therefore, it does not sound right and you are dissatisfied.  When you tighten that string and make the frequency of your soul harmonic and in harmony with God this allows the energy to flow through.  In this way, you can accumulate power in the soul.

When there is power in the soul, there is a change.  From being unable, it changes to being able.  You go against your conscience because of weakness.  It is never because you are bad.  The only reason for acting against your conscience is you are weak.  When you are powerful there is nothing to stop you from following the voice of conscience.  The problem is that your understanding is gross.  So you only understand and appreciate half of the information.  You are not able to process the other half of the information.  But if you wanted to you could comprehend it.  You study so that you process whatever you don’t understand, until you do understand it.  This is the meaning of churning the ocean of knowledge.  Churning means spinning.  You have to spin information in order to extract meaning.  Once you understand it, you can act on it because it makes sense.  Even when you finally understand it, the biggest problem is that you do not have the power to do what you want to do.

Your will power is also in your intellect.  But intelligence has become weak.  You use various expressions such as: “I would if I could but I can’t.”  Or you say “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.”  The force of negativity is nothing other than the energy of your past negative karma.  Past negative karma pulls you into a dissonant frequency.  Your will is a force that resists that pull, if it is strong enough.  You want to increase the strength of your will by harmonising your frequency with God, and taking energy so that the power of the past karma is neutralised by your spiritual power.  Do you understand?  This is how you repair your conscience.  But it is not easy.

Raja Yoga is for the highest quality souls.

Perhaps you think that you took many births, and somewhere inside you there is the potential to be the highest quality out of all the human souls.  You have the capacity to make contact with God, which other people may not have.  Recognition of God is rare.  It is the capacity to connect your soul to God, to take power, and to fix your conscience to be able to function in a satopradhan (pure) energy field.   Then you can actually be a conduit for God.  God is immutable and does no karma.  If he did, he would come into karmic bondage.  He must continue to be free.  The only way he can do this is to get you and me and anyone capable, to tune to him in such a way that his energy can not only pass into us but also pass through us and affect the force field in the world.

This is our special function.  That is called being super intelligent.  God gives spiritual information which makes it possible to have yoga.  This makes it possible to alter destiny, to change the chaotic direction of the world to a paradisical direction.  All this is accomplished by changing the frequency.

What is the difference between the angelic stage and the seed stage?  The seed stage is when the mind is still.  In English for Shanti we have three words.  Peace, silence and stillness.  When you make your mind still, it means you are completely detached from your body.  That is more powerful, but it is not easy.  As long as you are in your body, your mind is fluttering.  The angelic stage is in between.  In the angelic stage your thought is pure.  Your mind is still functioning, thoughts are still running.  In the seed stage your mind is stopped.  You arrive at the stage of absolute stillness after a long period of time emerging only pure thoughts.  Do not imagine that this is particularly easy raja yoga.  This is difficult because it is subtle and precise.  The only way we can do it practically is step by step.

It is a substantial shift to move from gross and ordinary to this level of subtlety.  To become a divine human being is not ordinary.  Ask yourself, what is possible for me?  You do not know who you are.  The only way you can find out about yourself is to see how far you can go in yoga.

In this practice, one thing is to really understand that I experience all things in my mind, not out here.  I am experiencing material reality, which is people, places and things, through my sense organs.  The Gita tells you this.  This information has been there for thousands of years, but no one could figure it out practically.  What is new is that God has become accessible and is now telling you how to access him and remember him as the incorporeal supreme being, also how to bring yourself into the consciousness of the soul by detaching from your body.

Unless you know what a soul is and that you are a soul, you cannot even begin to detach from the body. The information provided on the path of devotion is imprecise.  There are a few mistakes.  God corrects those mistakes.  In the scriptures it is said that the soul is real, so devotees conclude that the soul is part of God.  Because of that they conclude it is not possible for the soul to perform karma.   This is faulty logic.  God says,  “You are not part of God, you do perform karma, and there is a big effect, so take care about what you are doing.”

Once you have that information you function differently.  However, because of taking so many births in body consciousness, even if you know it, you cannot do it because you do not have enough power.  Then you mix God’s ideas with human ideas.  This mixture prevents you from achieving what you are trying to achieve.  Then you have to separate this mixture.

A swan intellect can separate milk and water.

This is symbolic.  What is this milk?  What is this water?  Water is ordinary thoughts, based in materialist ideas. You have to distinguish.  In chemistry one way to separate things is to spin them.  Then one element goes to one side and the other element goes to the other side. God uses the symbol of milk to represent knowledge.  When you churn the milk, first it separates into butter milk and butter.  Then to extract the remaining water, you have to cook the butter so that the water vaporises.  Heat is also required in the process of separation. When there is no water remaining in the milk, you have Ghi.  This is the process of removing the concepts that come from a human source.  When you are working purely with concepts that originate in a divine source, your intelligence will work better.

Le Trésor du Temps

Tahiti, le 29 décembre 2018

Il y a deux perspectives sur le temps. L’une est le temps communément connu d’hier, aujourd’hui et demain. En hindi, le même mot est utilisé pour hier et pour demain. C’est le même mot pour la mort aussi : Kāl. Pour la mort, nous disons aussi « son heure est arrivée ». Le mot tahitien est tau, et ce mot fait référence à une époque lointaine, à la fois dans le futur et dans le passé. Ceci exprime le sens du temps comme un cycle complet où le futur et le passé se rencontrent et ne font plus qu’un.

Le temps est un phénomène de rotation et dans la pratique spirituelle, nous faisons tourner le cycle du temps dans l’esprit. La vie se déroule sous la forme de cycles. L’expérience humaine est vécue à travers le cycle annuel des saisons, des festivals religieux et culturels. On dit que le cycle des 24 heures est considéré comme la base de notre vie. La façon dont nous utilisons un jour correspond à la façon dont nous utilisons toute notre vie. Chaque jour a donc une grande importance. Alors que nous entrons en 2019, beaucoup d’entre nous n’avions jamais pensé que nous arriverions jusque-là. J’ai commencé la pratique du Raja Yoga en 1974 et à ce moment-là, on nous disait qu’il restait très peu de temps. Nous continuons d’entendre qu’il reste très peu de temps. C’est parce que le temps passe extrêmement vite. Un mois pour moi ici à Tahiti a passé à la vitesse de l’éclair.

Nous aborderons le sujet du trésor du temps. Dire que Dieu nous a donné le trésor du temps signifie aussi que Dieu nous a donné le trésor de notre vie. Notre vie est notre temps. Nous ne connaissons pas la date de notre mort. En général, nous pensons que ce n’est pas pour tout de suite. Nous avons encore du temps. Il y a des gens qui sont en phase terminale d’une maladie et leur médecin peut donner un pronostic : « Il vous reste six mois, un mois ou deux ans ». Alors nous pensons que ce n’est pas suffisant.  «J’ai besoin de plus de temps ». Que souhaitons-nous faire de notre temps ? Qu’est-ce qui prend beaucoup de notre temps ?

Dans la pratique spirituelle, nous avons besoin de temps pour développer notre niveau de méditation. Au début, nous pouvons méditer cinq ou dix minutes, puis nous augmentons ce temps de concentration, et progressivement nous faisons monter notre niveau de conscience vers une dimension plus élevée.

Le temps, c’est le passé, le présent et le futur. L’espace c’est le monde matériel, au-delà duquel se trouvent la région subtile et le monde incorporel. Nous avons besoin de temps pour stabiliser la conscience dans le monde incorporel, une dimension où le temps n’existe pas. Pour beaucoup, il est difficile de conceptualiser l’existence dans une dimension atemporelle. Trois millions d’années ou trois secondes, c’est la même chose dans cette dimension. Là, vous n’êtes pas dans un corps. C’est un cadeau d’être dans ce corps. Dans le Raja Yoga, nous apprenons que nous avons pris de nombreuses vies. On dit que beaucoup de temps a passé et qu’il en reste très peu. Très peu de temps jusqu’à quand ? Le Catholicisme dit qu’il reste très peu de temps jusqu’à la fin des temps. Le sens de la fin des temps veut dire le début d’une autre époque.

Nous sommes à l’Âge de Confluence entre les cycles du temps. Dieu nous dit que cette vie nous a été donnée spécialement parce que c’est la seule vie où nous pouvons créer une fortune qui durera pendant les 21 prochaines vies. De plus, Dieu nous donne tout ce dont nous avons besoin pour les prochains 5000 ans. Ce n’est qu’à cette époque de la Confluence que nous avons accès à tout le passé, à la plénitude de chaque instant du présent et à tout le futur. Il nous enseigne également la philosophie du karma.

Pour comprendre la philosophie du karma, nous devons être conscients du temps et de l’espace. Le karma se produit dans les deux dimensions du temps et de l’espace. Dans le monde incorporel, il n’y a ni temps ni espace. Cela me rappelle le dicton chrétien : « Combien d’anges tiennent sur une tête d’épingle ?» Comment vivre dans un niveau où l’espace n’existe pas ? Combien d’espace occupe une âme ? Aucun. Si vous creusez profondément dans la tête d’une personne, vous ne trouverez pas un espace où se trouve l’âme, ni même une petite alcôve. L’âme est au-delà de l’espace. Elle est dans le temps et aussi au-delà du temps.

Pour que nous comprenions bien le temps, Dieu nous permet d’être en mesure de nous placer hors du temps. Afin de nous positionner hors du temps, nous devons faire tourner le cycle du temps dans notre esprit. Le cycle de 5000 ans s’appelle également le swastika. Le swastika est un symbole qui représente la conscience de soi, ou la réalisation de soi. Tout ce qui est dans l’âme s’exprime à travers l’action, dans un corps, sur terre, dans le temps et l’espace.

Le temps est un trésor. On dit aussi que le souffle est un trésor. En Inde, on dit que vous avez un nombre fixe de respirations ; cela signifie combien de temps vous pourrez respirer. La respiration s’appelle prana en Inde. Prana est aussi un mot pour la vie. La respiration est un signe vital. Quand une personne ne respire plus, cela signifie qu’elle est morte. Vous ne pouvez pas vérifier si l’âme est toujours présente dans le corps, vous devez donc rechercher des signes de vie.

Beaucoup de gens pratiquent le pranayama, le contrôle du souffle ; mais cette pratique ne conduit pas au contrôle de votre vie ou de votre karma. Si vous n’apprenez pas à contrôler votre karma, vous réaliserez du karma négatif pour lequel vous devrez payer. Je suis sûre que vous ne souhaitez pas accorder du temps à créer des comptes karmiques pour ensuite avoir à tous les régler.

Le cadeau du temps est aussi le cadeau d’une période pour terminer votre éducation. Dieu est le professeur suprême. Nous sommes Ses étudiants. Nous sommes aussi Ses enfants, car il veut nous donner Son héritage. Quelle est la propriété de Dieu ? en plus de l’univers, le trésor de l’amour ; non seulement la vie, mais l’énergie nécessaire au bon fonctionnement de notre vie. Nous avons besoin de l’énergie de l’esprit, également appelée pouvoir intérieur. Nous devons utiliser notre temps pour établir le contact avec Dieu afin d’absorber cette énergie, puis utiliser cette énergie pour réaliser un karma profitable.

Dieu nous apprend à contrôler le temps, et le résultat c’est d’obtenir le royaume. Ce n’est pas un royaume là-haut, mais ici-bas sur terre. La souveraineté du soi signifie l’indépendance. Nous n’avons pas le temps de dépendre de qui que ce soit. Nous ne dépendons de personne pour nos besoins, car ils sont satisfaits par notre relation avec Dieu. Qui nous donne à manger ? Pourquoi offrons-nous notre nourriture à Dieu ? C’est pour affirmer que nous comprenons que c’est le Tout-Puissant qui nous nourrit. Qui nous a donné nos talents grâce auxquels nous pouvons travailler et gagner notre vie ? Nos talents et capacités sont aussi des dons de Dieu. Tout ce que nous avons provient de cette source. Si nous gaspillons cela, alors nous gaspillons notre temps et notre énergie ; par conséquent, notre fortune sera inférieure à ce qu’elle aurait pu être.

Dieu dit « Je te donne le temps, je te donne la vie, je te donne une éducation, je te donne la paix, alors utilise ces richesses ». Il dit aussi quelque chose de très intéressant. Il se donne à nous et nous dit : « Utilise-moi ». Que veut dire Dieu quand il dit « Utilise-moi » ? Il est toujours avec nous. Il nous aide et nous rappelle qu’il est toujours là pour nous. Même si nous l’oublions, Lui ne nous oublie pas. Utiliser Dieu veut dire comprendre que je suis ici pour participer à l’accomplissement de la tâche de Dieu. La tâche de Dieu est d’établir le paradis sur terre. Même si Tahiti semble déjà être un paradis, il reste encore quelques problèmes ici et là. Établir le paradis sur terre signifie que tout doit être en harmonie ; les êtres humains, les animaux, les poissons, les éléments de la matière. Ce processus d’harmonisation commence avec l’être humain individuel. Tout repose sur comment nous utilisons notre temps, notre souffle et notre pensée.

La pensée est le fondement de tout. D’où viennent les pensées ? Pourquoi certaines pensées surgissent-elles ? Les pensées proviennent de la perception. Nous percevons les événements, les gens, les lieux et les choses de l’extérieur à travers nos organes sensoriels ou de l’intérieur, par nos souvenirs. Les mémoires anciennes surgissent également de notre subconscient, provenant peut-être de vies anciennes. Le fonctionnement de l’esprit est de créer des films internes. Nous avons aussi le pouvoir de la volonté, le pouvoir de l’intellect et de la conscience. Avec ces pouvoirs, nous distinguons quels films nous allons garder et quels films nous allons jeter ou effacer. Bien utiliser son temps signifie effectuer un triage des idées. Peu importe que la pensée soit bonne ou mauvaise, ce qui compte, c’est si nous la conservons ou si nous la laissons tomber. En effet, c’est comme cuisiner. Nous préparons en permanence des éléments de réflexion, de considération, d’évaluation et de digestion.

Toutes ces petites pensées sont les précurseurs de nos grandes actions. Tout commence par une pensée. Quelle est la durée d’une pensée ? Une fraction de seconde. Certains psychologues disent que nous avons 30 000 ou 40 000 pensées par jour. Personne ne peut calculer le nombre de pensées que nous produisons.

La méditation ralentit le taux de production de pensées. Les pensées négatives vont vite, elles sont chaotiques et répétitives. Les pensées courantes évoluent à un rythme raisonnable avec une clarté raisonnable. Tandis que les pensées profondes, vraies et riches de sens, vous en aurez une ou deux dans une minute. C’est une grande réussite que de ralentir vos pensées à ce rythme. À ce moment-là, vous entrez dans une zone de silence qui se met en résonnance avec le sens de cette pensée puissante. Baba nous dit de créer une collection de pensées puissantes. Ce sont des pensées qui restent vraies en toutes circonstances. J’en ai trouvé une qui remplit tous les critères. C’est «je suis lumière », que ce soit de jour ou de nuit, que je sois dans un corps ou non, je suis lumière reste vrai. Que je sois en bonne ou en mauvaise santé, de bonne ou de mauvaise humeur, il est toujours vrai que je suis lumière. Que les gens soient gentils ou méchants avec moi, que je sois en prison ou sur le point de me faire assassiner, je suis toujours lumière. Ces pensées sont plus puissantes que les circonstances. Par conséquent, elles peuvent changer les circonstances.

Dieu nous dit que le temps c’est la durée du film holographique tridimensionnel de la vie humaine, qui dure 5000 ans. Il dit que le temps est votre création. Vous êtes les maîtres du temps. Le trésor du temps signifie qu’il nous a donné le pouvoir de tout comprendre dans la création. Le créateur s’est présenté à nous et la création est tout ce qui se passe dans le cycle des 5000 ans. Nous prenons possession de tout, du paradis à l’enfer et de tout ce qui se trouve entre ces deux extrémités. Il nous donne le trésor du temps et nous apprend à faire tourner le temps. Cela signifie que nous pouvons nous positionner en dehors du temps, ou au-delà du temps. Cela veut dire aussi au-delà de la mort. Vous devenez immortel. Dans la Gita, il est dit que si vous pouvez comprendre ces vérités, vous êtes prêt pour l’immortalité.

Vous devez être en dehors du temps pour regarder le temps. D’habitude nous sommes dans le temps. Nous sommes coincés entre le passé et le futur. Le moment présent dure une seconde. Une pratique intéressante consiste au lâcher prise de chaque seconde au fur et à mesure qu’elle s’écoule. Seconde après seconde, lâchez tout de cette seconde. Soyez présent pour la seconde suivante et lâchez prise en une seconde. C’est la pratique pour la dernière seconde, le dernier souffle, afin que nous puissions nous détacher de notre corps en une seconde dès l’instant où notre moment est arrivé, où notre temps est écoulé. Vivez une seconde pleinement puis lâchez prise. Vivez la seconde suivante, puis lâchez prise. Lors de certaines secondes, nous sommes obligés d’agir. À d’autres moments, nous devons être l’observateur détaché. Nous devons saisir ce que requiert chaque seconde à la seconde où elle se présente. Cela s’appelle un effort rapide. Afin d’être le témoin et simplement observer ce qui se passe devant nous, nous devons être ceux qui possèdent le temps.

Le mot Swadarshanchakradhari ne signifie pas seulement faire tourner le cycle de réalisation de soi, mais être en pleine possession du cycle dans lequel vous pouvez voir qui vous êtes. Lorsque tous les éléments tournent à toute vitesse, cela devient un miroir transparent dans lequel vous pouvez voir qui vous êtes. Cela vous donne une vision de vous -même. Dans cette vision, vous pouvez vous voir vous-même ainsi que tous les changements qui se sont produits depuis votre parfait commencement jusqu’au soi complètement déconstruit et chaotique, corrompu, qui est l’opposé de votre être véritable. En d’autres termes, votre faux égo.

Le temps, c’est aussi le changement. Vous avez une vision de tous les changements que vous traversez. Cela ressemble au petit livre de bandes dessinées que vous feuilletez pour voir tous les changements et vous percevez un mouvement, bien que chaque image soit statique. C’était la première forme d’animation.

En Chine, il y a le Yi King écrit par Confucius. En utilisant le processus de changement de deux ensembles de trigrammes, il a calculé 64 000 changements de circonstances possibles. Chaque changement correspond à une certaine influence, qui correspond également au karma. Lors de chaque changement, on peut calculer le changement de fréquence et de vibration, ainsi que la nature du processus de changement. Cela correspond aussi à la conception, à la naissance, à la croissance, au déclin et à la mort, suivis de la résurrection. C’est le mouvement de l’harmonie, d’harmonieux à dissonant, de vrai à faux, et un retour à la position d’origine.

En astrologie, il existe un cycle de la procession des étoiles de 28 000 ans, tous les changements dans le ciel sont un reflet céleste de tout ce qui se passe parmi les étoiles de la terre, les âmes. Karma signifie mouvement, et mouvement signifie changement. Tout passe par un ensemble complet de changements jusqu’à ce que l’on revienne à la position initiale, ou point de départ, alors on dira qu’un tour complet a été réalisé.

La méditation c’est la même chose. Vous abordez un point de la connaissance de Dieu et réfléchissez à ce sujet en passant par toutes les différentes manifestations de pensées et d’idées se rapportant à ce thème jusqu’à ce que vous ayez bouclé une boucle. À ce stade, vous direz que votre méditation est terminée et vous ressentirez la satisfaction que vous avez eue en développant cette idée, du début à la fin. Ensuite, vous direz que vous connaissez ce point d’information, depuis son début jusqu’à son développement complet et à nouveau jusqu’à son point de départ.

Dieu nous a permis de comprendre la répétition identique du temps. Cela est possible parce qu’il nous place en dehors ou au-delà du temps. À travers cela, il nous place également hors de l’espace.

Cela nous donne une vision à vol d’oiseau, en une seule image, de ce qui se passe sur terre en termes d’histoire complète et de géographie.

Une question a été posée : comment Dieu nous place-t-il hors du temps ? Il a dit que le temps est un phénomène rotatif. Tout ce qui se passe pendant 5000 ans est prédestiné. Dieu sait tout à l’avance. Il nous raconte l’histoire de manière générale. Il dit, vous avez commencé à l’âge de Confluence, là où la fin et le début se rejoignent. Lorsque la fin et le début se touchent, on parle de début. C’est aussi la fin. Toute horloge indique également l’heure sous forme de rotation continue. Il faut 5000 ans pour que toutes les choses passent de l’état de paradis extrême à l’état d’enfer extrême. Tout ce qui est entre les deux inclut tous les événements nécessaires qui décrivent le changement requis pour transformer le ciel en enfer. Ce changement est appelé le déclin, de Satopradhan à Sato, à Rajo, à Tamo, à Tamopradhan. C’est la détérioration de la qualité de la matière et de l’esprit, de complètement parfait à complètement corrompu.

C’est le changement, depuis le complètement pur, harmonieux, à un niveau de détérioration très lente mais en accélération exponentielle, jusqu’à devenir vieux, corrompu et dégradé. Enfin, il y a une intervention de Dieu qui ramène tout à son état initial, en transmettant son pouvoir dans les âmes qui saisissent cette possibilité d’absorber ce pouvoir et de le diffuser. La confluence de la fin et du début est complètement déséquilibrée, extrêmement turbulente et cataclysmique. Dieu met de l’ordre dans ce chaos. Ensuite, tout fonctionne en harmonie ; le climat, les relations humaines, la gouvernance, la nature, l’agriculture, etc.

Il s’agit de faire tourner le cycle des 5000 ans jusqu’à ce qu’il devienne un vortex. Cette rotation est si rapide que vous pouvez vous retirer mentalement des changements individuels et voir l’ensemble. Vous vous détachez des cultures humaines. C’est la perspective de Dieu sur la création, qu’il peut voir de loin. Il sait tout, il connaît tout le processus et voit tout en même temps.

Il sait exactement qui est qui. Il sait qui a fait quoi, qui fera quoi. Il connaît l’histoire et la personnalité de chacun. Nous sommes tous des personnages de la grande pièce de théâtre de la civilisation humaine. Il sait tout et c’est pourquoi nous disons que Dieu est omniscient. Nous ne nous souvenons pas de ce que nous avons fait il y a 400 ans ou il y a trois mille ans. Ceci est un dispositif de sécurité de l’oubli. Si vous saviez tout sur vous-même à tout moment, vous ne pourriez pas supporter votre existence. L’écart énorme entre votre perfection et votre imperfection est trop difficile à supporter. La grandeur est trop grande et la chute trop vertigineuse. Peu à peu, Dieu nous permet de conceptualiser, d’accepter et de supporter ce vaste gouffre entre nos origines et notre fin, de façon que nous puissions à nouveau combler ce fossé et traverser, pour revenir à notre état initial. Ceci est accompli par la rotation à grande vitesse du cycle dans l’esprit.

Ce n’est qu’à la confluence de l’alpha et de l’oméga que Dieu nous donne toutes les informations, car c’est le seul moment où nous pouvons supporter de les entendre. Nous avons déjà atteint le fond, il n’y a plus rien à faire, et à partir de maintenant, il y a la montée, l’évolution de l’âme jusqu’à son apogée. Il nous dit que cette période de confluence est très courte.

C’est le seul moment où vous pouvez créer votre fortune pendant longtemps. L’impact de vos activités et de votre relation avec Dieu durera pendant tout le cycle à venir. C’est donc un temps très important. Toute action effectuée à une autre période aura un impact sur la vie qui suit, mais pas sur toutes vos vies. Normalement, vous faites un peu de charité et recevez une petite fortune pour une vie. Cependant, quoi que nous fassions maintenant a un impact sur 21 vies et sur tout le cycle des 84 vies.

Ce n’est pas simplement une accumulation d’épargne, mais c’est une loterie. Souvent, Dieu nous dit qu’il nous a donné une loterie ou que nous avons gagné une loterie. Quiconque sait comment utiliser cette connaissance à son profit et aussi apporter du bénéfice aux autres, reçoit un rendement incalculable. Une loterie est différente d’un plan d’épargne. Vous achetez un billet pour 100 et vous recevez un prix de plusieurs millions. C’est une très bonne affaire. Mais c’est tellement incroyable que très peu de gens le prennent au sérieux. C’est pourquoi vous recevez une si grande quantité. Si beaucoup comprenaient le contrat, ils l’accepteraient et, par conséquent, vous en auriez relativement moins. Quel est le pourcentage de tahitiens ici dans cette salle ? Par rapport à la population de Tahiti, c’est une fraction infime.

Quel prix payons-nous pour cette grande fortune ? C’est de bien utiliser notre temps, notre souffle et nos pensées. La pensée est le fondement de tout. En gaspillant la pensée, nous gaspillons notre temps. C’est aussi la même chose que de perdre le souffle. Le prix c’est d’être discipliné dans notre vie. Notre grand problème c’est la paresse. Nous devons être disciplinés mais sans utiliser la force et en restant dans l’équilibre. Tout doit rester en équilibre. Si nous courons, nous pouvons courir 100, 200 ou 400 mètres, mais un marathon est de 42 kilomètres. La pratique spirituelle est un marathon. Nous devons être sur le long terme, nous devons donc avancer à une vitesse qui peut être maintenue jusqu’à la fin. Et notre parcours fait plus de 42 kilomètres. C’est plus long que 42 ans. Cela rappelle l’histoire du lièvre et de la tortue. Ceci est notre histoire. Maintenir une vitesse qu’on peut garder pendant des années, c’est comprendre le temps.

Il est important de faire tourner le cycle des 5000 ans. Cette action fonctionne comme un hélicoptère à ailes rotatives. En faisant tourner les hélices, vous vous élevez. Le petit rotor à l’arrière est également nécessaire pour donner une direction. Rotation du cycle signifie créer un vortex. Vous savez qu’un ouragan est aussi un vortex. Au centre du tourbillon, tout est complètement calme et silencieux.

L’état du monde est de plus en plus chaotique. La pratique de la rotation du cycle est un instrument pour rester dans un état de calme absolu dans des situations chaotiques. Le chaos tourbillonne tout autour de nous mais nous sommes au centre, au calme, avec notre attention focalisée là-haut. Nous sommes en plein milieu, tranquilles, sachant ce qui va se passer. D’autres continuent à demander ce qui va se passer, mais nous savons très bien ce qui va se passer. Les circonstances vont s’accélérer au maximum puis revenir à leur point opposé.

Une loi de la spiritualité veut qu’une fois que les circonstances atteignent leur paroxysme, tout change et devient autre chose. Souvent, nous nous trouvons dans des circonstances et nous disons « pendant combien de temps cela va-t-il durer ?» La loi spirituelle dit que cela continuera jusqu’à la fin. Quand c’est fini, c’est fini. De quoi avons-nous besoin ? De patience.

Dans le contexte du cycle des 5000 ans, l’espérance de vie au début du cycle est en moyenne de 150 ans. Nous restons physiquement et mentalement en bon état pendant les premières vies. En général, ce sont des vies belles pour tous, il n’y a pas de maladies, pas de difficultés, la population est petite, il y a de la prospérité. Au fil du temps, l’espérance de vie chute considérablement jusqu’à atteindre 30 ou 40 ans en moyenne. Il existe des cas de mortalité infantile, d’accidents, de maladies etc… qui mettent fin à la vie de façon imprévue. Beaucoup traversent des difficultés financières et même l’extrême pauvreté. Ainsi, la connaissance du cycle nous dit qu’il n’y a pas de progrès, mais une régression. Toute l’évolution se produit pendant la courte période de l’âge de confluence. Cette période entre la fin et un nouveau commencement est le moment où nous pouvons savoir ces choses. Ces choses nous restent inconnues en toute autre période du cycle. Pendant le déclin, il est insupportable pour une âme de savoir qu’elle continuera à décliner jusqu’à ce qu’elle atteigne le fond, jusqu’à l’enfer. Ce n’est ni intéressant ni attrayant.

Nous assistons visiblement à une croissance et à un développement exponentiels de la technologie. Il est intéressant de noter que cela correspond à la période historique appelée l’Âge de Confluence. Le progrès technique est visible et tangible pour tous, alors que le progrès spirituel que nous connaissons est incognito. Ceux qui n’étudient pas, ne méditent pas, comme nous le faisons, déclineront sans doute rapidement. Clairement, la qualité de la matière est en déclin à cause de l’entropie. Le changement climatique est une conséquence du déséquilibre des cycles naturels de l’air, de l’eau et de la terre. Il existe à la fois un facteur humain et des facteurs indépendants de l’influence humaine, tels que l’activité des taches solaires et les changements de l’orientation magnétique des hémisphères nord et sud.

Au cours de cette période de l’âge de confluence, deux énergies très puissantes sont en conflit l’une avec l’autre. L’une est l’énergie du déclin exponentiel et de l’effondrement du monde tel que nous le connaissons, que nous appelons le stade tamopradhan. L’autre est l’énergie extrêmement puissante du Créateur. La science et la technologie ont deux tâches importantes à accomplir. L’une est la technologie de l’intelligence artificielle, Internet, les technologies de l’information pour la communication, les médias et de nombreuses applications. L’autre utilise la même technologie pour les armes et pour répondre aux besoins militaires.

La civilisation dans l’ère à venir sera extrêmement high tech. Les gens de cette époque sont plus qu’intelligents, ils utilisent la télépathie pour les communications, ils n’ont donc pas besoin de téléphones portables, etc. Les transports ne se font pas par voiture ni par véhicule à roues, mais par avion, avion individuel ou de petite taille, propulsé par une énergie nucléaire propre, probablement par fusion froide. Toute la technologie qui sera utilisée dans l’ère à venir doit être inventée en ce moment. Des armes de destruction massive de très haute technologie sont également nécessaires à l’heure actuelle. La technologie est neutre, comme un couteau. Vous pouvez poignarder le corps d’une personne et la tuer ou couper des fruits et des légumes avec le même couteau. Cela dépend de la personne qui l’utilise. De la même manière, la technologie peut être utilisée de façons bien différentes en fonction de la personne en possession de cette technologie. La qualité spirituelle et l’intégrité des peuples du futur sont telles qu’ils soutiendront leur civilisation avec une excellente application de technologies respectueuses de l’environnement et de l’humanité. A l’heure actuelle, la technologie est souvent appliquée sous l’angle de la cupidité, de la peur etc…

Nous sommes actuellement entre ces deux forces opposées qui sont dans leur forme extrême. Dieu nous dit d’utiliser le yantra. Vous connaissez le mot mantra. Yantra signifie instrument. Il y a des instruments sacrés. La rotation du cycle est un instrument sacré. Il vous permet de rester calme dans des conditions de chaos total et, de plus, d’aller au-delà de tout et de regarder ce qui se passe de loin sans être angoissé par les événements perçus.

Nous savons que nous sommes des âmes éternelles. Nous savons que nous devons traverser la transformation totale du monde. Nous savons comment traverser cela tout en restant détachés. Nous n’avons pas peur de la mort. Ni la nôtre ni celle des autres, qui eux aussi, sont des âmes éternelles. Nous avons un aperçu de l’avenir. Le principal défi consiste à traverser cette période de destruction. C’est aussi un défi de tirer pleinement parti de l’Âge de Confluence et de bénéficier de la loterie qui nous est offerte. Nous devons réussir nos vies et inciter les autres à faire de même. Tout cela est compris dans le trésor du temps.

Dieu nous a donné du temps. Lorsqu’un homme a le contrôle du temps, y compris le temps de la pensée, on dit d’un tel homme qu’il est un souverain. Lorsque vous contrôlez le temps, cela signifie que vous êtes devenu un maître. Dieu dit, je suis venu, j’ai ouvert une école. Si vous souhaitez devenir des maîtres, alors venez apprendre. Je vais vous apprendre des choses très intéressantes et vous les utiliserez comme vous le souhaitez. Cependant, la condition est de rester pur. Si une personne ne reste pas pure, elle sera incapable d’absorber cette information dans son esprit ou son intellect. C’est une protection.

Où Christ et Bouddha ont-ils appris à devenir des maîtres ? Cela a dû être pendant cette période de l’âge de confluence et ils ont dû avoir étudié avec Dieu. Ce sont des personnages historiques datant d’il y a 2000 ou 2500 ans. Ils se sont ensuite réincarnés. Même vous, vous ne savez pas qui vous êtes ni qui vous étiez. Mais Dieu sait qui nous sommes et qui nous étions. Il dit, viens, tu as besoin de cette connaissance, je sais qui tu es et toi, tu ne sais pas qui tu es. Vous en avez besoin parce que vous devez élever votre niveau de conscience. Vous avez un rôle à jouer. Mais nous ne savons pas qui nous sommes. Peu à peu, il nous dit : vous étiez des rois dans des temps anciens. Vous avez été de grands gourous. Vous avez été de grands généraux militaires, de grands érudits. Et maintenant, vous êtes des gens tout à fait ordinaires.

Cependant, en nous, il y a certains indices. L’un est un grand amour pour Dieu. Un autre est un grand amour pour l’humanité et pour la Terre elle-même. Les personnes présentant ces caractéristiques ont sans doute été grandes dans le passé. De nos jours, la plupart des gens sont égoïstes et se soucient peu des autres. Baba sait qui nous sommes, ce que nous avons fait et ce que nous sommes devenus maintenant. Il connait notre potentiel. Même si nous tombons au niveau humain le plus bas, notre identité originelle persiste. Tout ce que nous avons été amenés à faire par la suite ne change pas notre identité d’origine. Lorsque nous entendons les enseignements de Baba, notre ancienne identité se réveille. Nous commençons à comprendre ce qu’il nous dit et à utiliser les outils qu’il nous donne. Ils fonctionnent et nous pouvons être connectés à Dieu. Nous sommes capables de mettre fin à nos vices. Les vices ne peuvent être dépassés sans le pouvoir direct de Dieu. C’est une énergie qui purifie.

Vous dites « j’ai besoin d’une cigarette », pourquoi ? pour gérer vos sentiments. Sinon, vous n’avez pas besoin de tabac. Ou vous dites « j’ai besoin d’un whisky », pourquoi ? parce que vous n’allez pas bien et vous avez besoin de quelque chose pour vous calmer. Vous avez besoin de drogue. Vous avez besoin d’une dose d’héroïne, pourquoi ? parce que vous avez besoin de vous sentir bien. Mais ces substances nous affaiblissent beaucoup. Le soulagement est très temporaire et le pouvoir de volonté est grandement affaibli par l’usage des drogues. Si vous prenez le pouvoir de Dieu, cela vous redonnera tout votre pouvoir ainsi que la possibilité de gérer vos sentiments. C’est ce qu’on appelle le pouvoir intérieur. Sinon, vous êtes faible intérieurement.

Beaucoup de gens s’adressent à Dieu et lui demandent de leur donner de la force. Il dit « Ok, voilà, utilise-moi ». Il dit « Je possède de nombreux trésors, j’ai de l’amour, de la paix, du pouvoir, je peux vous purifier. Utilisez-moi. » Alors on dit « Ok » et on commence à prendre le pouvoir de Dieu. Et on voit que ça marche.

Puis il dit : « Eh bien, je vais vous faire passer des tests. Je vais vous envoyer Maya. » Nous disons « Ok, pas de problème ». Il dit « Je vais vous mettre dans des situations de folie et vous rendre dingue. » Nous disons :« Ok. Nous gérons. » Il dit « Je vais vous mettre dans des mauvaises situations, dans des mauvaises vibrations. Tout le monde sera contre vous. » Nous disons « C’est Ok » Tout ceci est un cadeau du temps.

Inclus dans ce trésor du temps, il y a beaucoup d’autres trésors. Qu’est-ce que le temps?

Ce sont des événements qui ont une certaine durée et qui se produisent quelque part. C’est cela le temps. Sinon, le temps n’est qu’une idée. Mais la réalité du temps et de l’espace, c’est : des événements qui ont une certaine durée et qui se produisent quelque part. Tout cela est le théâtre d’événements, de gens, d’activités et d’incidents. Ils peuvent tous être positionnés sur un cercle de temps comme la bobine d’un film. Autrefois, les films étaient sur un film plastique de 35 millimètres. Vous gardiez des bobines de 2 heures dans des canettes circulaires d’environ 2 pouces d’épaisseur et 10 pouces de large. Il y a de nombreuses années, je travaillais pour le journal télévisé. On filmait les nouvelles en 16 millimètres, on coupait les films avec des lames de rasoir et on envoyait ces bobines par avion de façon qu’elles arrivent au Canada à temps pour le journal de 22 heures. Maintenant, tout est envoyé par Internet et le téléchargement prend quelques secondes ou minutes. Vous pouvez désormais stocker tant d’infos dans une toute petite puce pouvant contenir des centaines de giga-octets. Il est facile d’imaginer que le nombre total de vies d’un individu sur 5000 ans peut être contenu dans un minuscule point de lumière. Il s’agit simplement de comprendre cela et arriver à ce niveau de conscience.

Dieu nous enseigne une telle technologie que nous pouvons comprendre toutes nos vies. Que voulons-nous savoir ? Nous voulons savoir qui nous sommes. Pas qui je suis maintenant, pas qui je vais devenir, mais qui je suis dans ma totalité. Le karma traite de la cause à effet. La première cause c’est également le dernier effet, il s’agit donc d’un cercle fermé. Cela signifie qu’il se répète à l’identique. Il y a l’histoire du monde en général. Il y a l’histoire des âmes très importantes comme Adam et Eve, Krishna, Jésus-Christ, Bouddha, Mahomet. Ce sont des personnes importantes. Leurs biographies sont importantes pour tout le monde. Votre histoire est importante pour vous. Elle ne veut pas forcément dire grand-chose pour les autres, mais elle est importante pour vous. Dieu nous donne le modèle qui explique comment cela fonctionne. Il dit : « Vas dans ton âme. Fais des recherches et tu découvriras qui tu es. Redeviens qui tu es ».

Il y a trois étapes. Votre niveau originel, votre niveau éternel et votre niveau final. Tous les trois sont les mêmes. Ce que nous sommes éternellement dans le monde des âmes, c’est notre potentiel. Ce que nous étions quand nous sommes arrivés sur terre, notre maximum, le meilleur de nous-mêmes. Et à la fin, lorsque Dieu aura fini de travailler sur nous, nous aurons également la même condition. Tout cela est un circuit fermé. Il nous donne cela. C’est le trésor du temps. Il nous fait le cadeau de notre identité, afin que nous puissions savoir qui nous sommes. Nous devons réfléchir profondément pour savoir qui nous sommes. Nous devons faire face à diverses illusions sur nous-mêmes. Nous devons aller dans le silence. Ceci est valable pour tous, mais tout le monde ne le fera pas.

Qu’allons-nous faire en 2019 ? Il y aura beaucoup de turbulences, beaucoup de perturbations. Les volcans deviennent de plus en plus actifs. Un tiers du volcan Anuk Krakatoa a sombré dans l’océan et a créé un tsunami. Mururoa peut se rompre très facilement. Tout est très fragile, dans un équilibre très précaire. Si le récif se casse, une quantité importante de déchets nucléaires radioactifs s’échappera dans l’océan.

En 2019, nous devons faire tourner le cycle du temps dans nos esprits. Nous devons créer un vortex et rester dans le calme au centre, en plein milieu du vortex de la grande turbulence des événements mondiaux. Asseyez-vous dans le calme, dans une grande paix et foi. Si nous avons des doutes, nous ne pourrons pas rester dans le calme. Il y a cette foi que tout est ok et que je suis assis au cœur de mon vortex. Et voilà.

Dieu nous fait aller là où nous devons aller. Pourquoi nous a-t-Il appelés ? Nous sommes ici parce que quelque chose nous a fait venir ici ou nous a inspirés. Dieu nous a appelés, mais pourquoi ? Il veut nous donner quelque chose et Il veut que nous fassions quelque chose que nous seuls pouvons faire. Seules les personnes qui savent se connecter directement à Dieu peuvent être un canal à travers lequel Dieu peut envoyer son énergie dans le monde. Ça aussi c’est intéressant. Que doit faire un canal ? Il doit juste être là et ne pas s’agiter. L’eau doit circuler dans le canal. Alors restez stable et laissez s’écouler l’eau ou l’énergie. Certaines rivières coulent plus vite que d’autres, certaines sont plus puissantes que d’autres.

Que ferez-vous en 2019 ? Un canal qui laisse bien circuler l’énergie doit utiliser son temps, son souffle et sa pensée pour créer beaucoup de fortune et inspirer tous les autres à faire de même. C’est tout.

Ce n’est pas si difficile. La raison pour laquelle il y a des examens ou des épreuves, c’est pour que nous les réussissions. Les examens n’ont pas d’autre but que de nous permettre d’atteindre un niveau supérieur. Pourquoi Dieu nous met-il à l’épreuve ? C’est pour nous rendre plus forts et expérimentés. Voilà pourquoi nous passons par des épreuves. Ce qu’il nous faut avoir, c’est du courage, de la patience, la foi et confiance. Nous sommes ses enfants alors il prendra soin de nous. Cela va de soi.

Dieu n’a pas de compte karmique. Il est le créateur et il sait qui est chacun. Il n’a pas de problèmes. Il est toujours dans un niveau de joie. Néanmoins, Il a des inquiétudes car il n’aime pas voir quelqu’un mourir de faim. Il n’aime pas voir ses enfants souffrir.

L’ordre de nos préoccupations doit être moi d’abord, ensuite Dieu, ensuite les autres. Si nous mettons le moi en premier, cela signifie que nous nous considérons comme responsables de nos vies et de tout ce qui nous arrive. C’est lui qui nous enseigne cela.

Il nous apprend à assumer la responsabilité de nos actions. Je suis l’enfant de Dieu et aussi son élève. Il nous a élevés, nous a éduqués. Il nous dit de ne pas prendre la responsabilité des autres. « Ça, c’est ma responsabilité. C’est mon problème, pas le vôtre. Vous n’avez pas assez de pouvoir pour vous occuper du reste du monde. C’est ma responsabilité ».

Notre culture nous apprend à donner d’abord la priorité aux autres et ensuite à nous-mêmes. Lorsque nous pensons d’abord aux autres et nous négligeons nous-mêmes, nous nous retrouvons dans le pétrin. Nous créons des liens karmiques.

Se mettre en premier veut dire « A quelle heure je me suis levé aujourd’hui ? » C’est ma responsabilité. Ce n’est pas à moi de penser à quelle heure quelqu’un d’autre s’est levé. « Qu’est-ce que je fais, moi ? Est-ce que j’agis comme je le devrais ? » Si j’agis correctement, alors Dieu sera content et les autres seront inspirés.

Dans notre culture, dire « moi d’abord » est considéré comme une forme d’égoïsme, car on suppose que vous mettez vos désirs égoïstes au premier plan. Mais dire « moi d’abord », cela veut dire assumer vos responsabilités et vous attendre à être tenu pour responsable de ce que vous faites.

Dieu nous dit qu’il va bien. Il dit, je n’ai pas de problèmes. C’est vous qui avez des problèmes. La plupart de vos problèmes proviennent du fait de ne pas avoir compris que vous êtes responsable de vous-même. Il dit, Je ne vais pas agir en votre nom. Je suis votre colonne vertébrale. Je vous soutiens et je vous guide. Les autres personnes sont aussi mon problème, pas le vôtre. Très souvent, lorsque vous essayez de prendre en charge d’autres personnes, cela ne fonctionne pas très bien. Vous pouvez bien essayer de changer les autres, mais ce n’est généralement pas un succès. Cependant, vous pouvez les inspirer et être un exemple.

Il nous donne le libre arbitre. Un bon choix serait d’agir comme il nous l’apprend. Bien sûr, il est en tête, pour être notre source et notre inspiration. Soyez bien conscients, Je suis responsable de tout ce qui m’arrive. Et de tout ce qui m’est arrivé.

Je peux dire que tout ce qui se passe et tout ce qui m’est arrivé est dû à mon karma ou est une conséquence de mon karma. Dans une certaine mesure, je suis également responsable de tout ce qui nous arrive à nous tous. Nous ne pouvons pas penser que nous sommes seuls, nous sommes aussi avec les autres. Mon attitude envers les autres aura un effet. Ce que j’ai fait, ce que j’ai été au cours des derniers milliers d’années, a contribué à faire que la situation actuelle soit ce qu’elle est. Cela est particulièrement vrai si vous êtes en position de leadership. Certaines personnes ont plus d’influence que d’autres.

Par exemple, M. Trump a beaucoup d’influence et beaucoup de gens sont affectés par ce qu’il fait. Lui est également affecté pour avoir une influence sur toutes ces personnes. Cela touche également le peuple américain car il est leur représentant élu. C’est comme le symbole de l’infini. “On récolte ce que l’on sème »

Sur le changement climatique. Chaque personne qui utilise des sacs en plastique contribue à ces îlots de débris de plastique qui flottent dans l’océan. Pour moi, Il est surprenant que l’océan ait réussi à rassembler les débris de plastique que nous jetons à tort et à travers et ainsi, dans une certaine mesure, à réduire les dommages pour la faune marine. Dans un parc national, il y a un panneau qui indique : « Les animaux respectent leur environnement. Veuillez vous comporter comme des animaux pendant que vous êtes ici. »

Nous devons être conscients que nous sommes responsables non seulement des effets évidents de nos comportements, mais aussi de nombreuses autres conséquences très profondes découlant de nos actions individuelles et collectives, y compris la pollution, le gouvernement que nous avons. Il y a beaucoup de choses dont nous sommes responsables mais sur lesquelles nous n’avons aucun contrôle. Par exemple, nous sommes responsables du fait que nous vieillissons. Nous sommes responsables du fait que le temps passe, que tout le monde devient vieux et corrompu. Nous sommes tous dans le même bateau. Nous sommes impliqués. Quand une personne prend des mesures significatives et reste en contact avec Dieu, elle génère une atmosphère puissante. L’effet peut avoir une très grande portée. C’est pourquoi il est bon de devenir un canal pour Dieu.

The Gift of Time

Mental Preparation for 2019

from a talk given in Tahiti, 29 December 2018

There are two perspectives on time.  One is the commonly known time of yesterday, today and tomorrow.  In Hindi the same word is used for yesterday and for tomorrow.  It is the same word for death also: Kāl.  For death we also say someone’s time has come.  The Tahitian word is tau, and this word refers to far distant time in both the future and the past.  This expresses the sense of time as a whole cycle where the future and the past meet and become one.

Time is a rotating phenomenon and in spiritual practice we rotate the cycle of time in the mind.  Life occurs in cycles.  Regular human experience is lived through the annual cycle of the seasons, religious and cultural festivals.  The diurnal 24 hour cycle is said to be the foundation of our life.  The way we use a day corresponds to the way we use our entire life, so each day has great importance. As we enter 2019, many of us never thought we would reach this far.  I began Raja Yoga ppractice in 1974 and at that time we were told there is very little time.  We are still hearing there is very little time.  This is because time is passing extremely fast.  One month for me here in Tahiti has passed like an arrow.

We are taking up the subject of the gift of time.  To say that God gives us the gift of time also means God gives us the gift of our life.  Our life is our time.  We do not know the date of our death.  Generally we think it is not quite yet.  We still have some time.  There are people who have terminal diseases and their doctor may give a prognosis: “You have six months, one month or two years.”  Then we think that is not enough.  I need more time.  What do we wish to do with our time.  What takes a lot of our time?

In spiritual practice we need time to develop our level of meditation.  In the beginning we may meditate for about five or ten minutes at a time, and then build up the amount of time to stay concentrated in meditation, gradually raising the level of consciousness to a higher dimension.

Time is the past, the present and the future.  Space is the material world, beyond which there are the subtle region and the incorporeal world.  We need time to stabise consciousness in the incorporeal world, a dimension where there is no time.  For many, it is hard to conceptualise existence in a timeless dimension.  Three million years or three seconds is the same in that dimension.  You are not in the body.  It is a gift to be in this body.  In Raja Yoga we learn that we have taken many lives.  It is said that a lot of time has passed by and very little time remains.   Very little time until when?  Roman Catholicism says very little time remains until the end of time.  The meaning of the end of time is the beginning of another time.

We are at the Confluence Age between the time cycles.  Baba tells us this life has been given to us specially because this is the only life when we can create a fortune which will endure for the next 21 lives.  In addition God gives us whatever we need for the next 5000 years.  It is only at this time of the Confluence Age when we have access to the entire past, to the fullness of each moment of the present, and all of the future.  He also teaches us the philosophy of karma.

To understand the philosophy of karma we must be aware of both time and space.  Karma occurs in both dimensions of time and space.  In the incorporeal world there is nether time nor space.  This reminds me of the Christian saying: “How many angels can stand on the head of a pin?”  How should one live in a state where there is no space?  How much space does a soul occupy?  None.  If you dig deep into someone’s head you would not find a space where the soul sits, or any small alcove.  The soul is beyond space.  It is within time as well as beyond time.

For us to understand time well.  Baba gives us the positioning to be able to place ourselves outside time.  The way to position yourself out of time is to rotate the cycle of time in your mind.  The cycle of 5000 years is also called the swastika.  The swastika is a symbol that represents self-awareness, or realization of the self.  Whatever is within the soul gets expressed through action when one is in a body on earth in the dimensions of time and space.

Time is a treasure.  It is also said that breath is a treasure.  In India it is said that you have a fixed number of breaths; that means for how much time you will be able to breathe.  Respiration is called prana in India.  Prana is also a word for life.  Breath is a vital sign.  When a person is no longer breathing, it means they are dead.  You cannot go inside a check whether the soul is still present in the body, so you have to check for signs of life.

Many people practice pranayama, breath control; but this practice does not lead to control of your life, or of your karma.  If you do not learn to control your karma, you will perform negative karma for which you will have to pay.  I am sure you do not wish to allocate time to enter into karmic accounts and then settle them all.

The gift of time is also the gift of a period for achieving your education.  God is the supreme teacher.  We are his students.  We are also His children because He wants to give us His inheritance.  What is the property of God?  Aside from the universe, the treasure of love; not only life, but the energy to make our life function well.  We need the energy  of the spirit, also called inner power.  We need to use our time to establish contact with God to absorb that energy, then use that energy to perform profitable karma.

Baba teaches us to achieve control over time and the result is to gain the kingdom.  It is not a kingdom up above, but down here on earth.  Self-sovereignty means independence.  We do not have time to be dependent on anyone.  We do not depend on anyone for our needs because they are fulfilled by our relationship with God.  Who gives us food?  Why do we offer our food to God?  It is to affirm that we understand that we are nourished by the Almighty.  Who gave us our talents through which we are able to work and earn our living?  Our talents and capabilities are also gifts from God.  Everything that we have originates from that source.  If we waste this, we are wasting our time and energy; consequently, our fortune would be less that it could have been.

So God says, I give you time, I give you life, I give you an education, I give you peace, so use these riches.  He also says something very interesting.  He gives himself to us and he says, “Use Me.”  What does God mean when He says “Use Me.”  He is always with us.  He helps us and reminds us He is always there for us.  Even if we forget Him, He does not forget us.  To use God means to understand that I am here to participate in accomplishing the task of God. The task of God is to establish paradise on earth.   Even if Tahiti seems to be paradise already, there are still some problems here and there.  Establishing paradise on earth means everything has to be in harmony; human beings, animals, fishes, the elements of matter.  This harmonization process begins with the individual human being.   It is a matter of how we use our time, breath and thought.

Thought is the foundation of everything.  From where do thoughts  arise?  Why do certain thoughts arise? Thoughts arise from perception.  We perceive events, people, places and things from the outside through our sense organs, or from the interior through our memories.  Ancient memories also arise from our subconscious mind, which can be from ancient life times.  The work of the mind is to create internal films.  We also have will power, the power of the intellect and of conscience.  With these powers we discriminate which films we will keep and which ones we will throw out or erase.  To use time well means to perform the triage of thoughts.  It does not matter whether the thought is good or bad, what matters is whether we hold on to it or we let it go.  Indeed it is like cooking.  We are continuously preparing food for thought, for consideration, pondering and digesting.

All these little thoughts are the precursors of our great actions.   Everything begins with a thought.  How long is the duration of a thought?  A fraction of a second.  Some psychologists say you have 30,000 or 40,000 thoughts per day.  No one can calculate how many thoughts we produce.

Meditation slows down the rate of production of thoughts.  Negative thoughts move fast, chaotically and repetitively.  Ordinary thoughts move at a reasonable rate with reasonable clarity.  While thoughts that are deep, true and richly significant move perhaps at a rate of one or two per minute.  It is a great accomplishment to slow your thoughts down to that rate.  With that, you enter into a zone of silence that resonates with the meaning of that single potent thought.  Baba tells us to create a collection of powerful thoughts.  These are thoughts that remain true under any circumstances.  I found one that fulfils all the criteria.  It is “I am light,”   Whether it is day or night, whether I am in a body or not, I am light remains true.  Whether I am in good or bad health, in a good or bad mood, it remains true that I am light.  Whether people are good or bad to me, whether I am in prison or in the process of getting assassinated, I am still light.  These thoughts are more powerful than circumstances.  Therefore they can change circumstances.

Baba has told us that time is the duration of the three dimensional holographic film of human life that persists for 5000 years.  He has said that time is your creation.  You are the masters over time.  The gift of time means that he has given us the power to understand everything in creation.  The creator has introduced Himself to us, and creation is everything that happens in the cycle of 5000 years.  We take possession of everything from paradise to hell and whatever lies in between these two extremities.  He gives us the treasure of time and teaches us how to rotate time.  This means we can position ourselves outside of time, or beyond time.  That also means beyond death.  You become immortal.  In the Gita it says that if you can understand these truths you are ready for immortality.

You have to be outside time in order to look at time.  Ordinarily we are within time.  We are squeezed between the past and the future.  The present moment lasts for one second.  One interesting practice is to let go of each second as each one passes by.  Second by second, let go of everything of that second.  Be present for the next second and let that go in a second.  This is the practice for the last second, the last breath, so that we can let go of our body in a second at the second when our time has come, or our time is up.  Live one second fully then let it go.  Next second, then let it go.  At the time of certain seconds we are required to act.  At other seconds we are required to be the detached observer.  We must capture the requirements of each second at the second that they arise.  This is called fast effort.  To be the witness and simply watch what is happening in front of us, we must be the possessors of time.

The word Swadarshanchakradhari means not only to spin the cycle of self realisation, but to be in full possession of the cycle in which you can see who you are.  When all the elements are rotating at full speed, it becomes a clear mirror in which you can see who you are.  It gives you a vision of the self.  In that vision you can see yourself and all the changes that have occurred from your moment of perfect beginning until your completely deconstructed and chaotic, corrupted self which is the opposite of your true self.  In other words your false ego.

Time also means change.  You have a vision of all the changes that you pass through.  It resembles the little cartoon book of papers that you flip to see all the changes and you see the movement, although each picture is static.  This was the first form of animation.

In China there is the I Ching authored by Confucius.  Using the process of change of two sets of trigrams, he calculated 64,000 possible changes of circumstances.  Each change corresponds to a certain influence, which also corresponds to karma.  There is a calculable change of frequency and vibration represented by each change, and the nature of the process of change.  This also corresponds to conception, birth, growth, decline and death followed by resurrection.  It is the flow of harmony from harmonic to dissonant, true to false, and a return to the original position.

In Astrology there is a cycle of 28,000 years of the procession of the stars, all the changes in the sky are a celestial reflection of whatever is happening among the stars of the earth, the souls.  Karma means movement, and movement means change.  Everything moves through a complete set of changes until it reaches the original position, or point of departure, then it would be said to have gone full circle.

Meditation is the same thing.  You take up a point of God’s knowledge and ponder upon it going through all the different manifestations of thoughts and ideas that pertain to that theme until you have gone full circle.  At that point you would say your meditation is complete and you would experience satisfaction that you have thought all the way through that idea.  Then you would say you know that piece of information, from the initial point through the full expansion and back again, ending up and the point of departure.

Baba has enabled us to comprehend the identical repetition of time.  This is possible because He places us outside or beyond time.  Through this He also places us outside space.  This gives us a birds eye view of what takes place on earth in terms of the complete history and geography of the earth in one shot.

A question was asked: how does Baba place us outside time?  Baba has said time is a rotating phenomenon.  Everything that occurs during 5000 years is predestined.  He knows it all in advance. He recounts the story to us in a general way.  He says you began at the Confluence Age, where the end and the beginning come together.  When both the end and the beginning touch each other, this is called the beginning.  It is the end also.  Any clock also shows time as a continuing rotation.  It takes 5000 years for all things to pass from the extreme state of paradise to the extreme state of hell.  Everything in between includes all the necessary events that describe the change required to transform heaven into hell.  This change is referred to as the decline from Satopradhan to Sato, to Rajo, to Tamo, to Tamopradhan.  It is the deterioration of the quality of matter and spirit from completely perfect to completely corrupt.

It changes from completely pure, harmonious through very slow but exponentially accelerating deterioration, until it is old, corrupt and rotten.   Finally there is an intervention of God who brings everything back to its original condition through injecting his power into those souls who take up the possibility of absorbing it and enabling it to pass through them.  The confluence of the end and the beginning is completely out of balance, extremely turbulent and cataclysmic.  God brings this chaos into order.  Then everything functions harmoniously; the climate, human relationships, governance, nature, agriculture, etc.

It is a question of rotating the cycle of 5000 years until it becomes a vortex.  This spinning moves so fast that you can step back mentally from the individual changes, and see the whole.  You detach from human cultures.  This is the perspective of God on the creation, which He can see from a far distance.  He knows everything, He knows the whole process and sees all things at one time.

He knows exactly who is who.  He knows who has done what, who will do what.  He knows the story and the personality of each one.  These are all characters in the great drama of human civilization.  He knows it all and this is why we say God is omniscient.  We do not remember what we did 400 years ago, or three thousand years ago.  This is a safety device of forgetfulness.  If you knew everything about yourself at all times, you could not endure your existence.  The huge gap between your perfection and your imperfection is too much for an individual to bear.  The greatness is too great and the fall is too far.  Gradually Baba makes us able to conceptualise, to accept and to bear this vast chasm between our origins and our end.  So that we can again bridge that gap and cross over, returning to our original condition.  This is accomplished through high speed rotation of the cycle in the mind.

It is only at the confluence between alpha and omega that God gives us the full information as it is the only time we can bear to hear it.  We have already hit bottom, there is no further down to go, and from here onwards there is the rising, the evolving of the soul to its peak of perfection.  He tells us this period of the confluence is very short.

This is the only time when you can create your fortune for a long time.  The impact of your activities and relationship with God last for the entire cycle to come.  So this is a very important time.  Any action performed at any other time period will have an impact on the life that follows that one, but not on your entire series of lives.  Normally, you do a little charity and receive a little fortune for one life.  However, whatever we do now has an impact for 21 lives, and there is an effect for the entire cycle of 84 lives.

This is not just an accumulation of savings, but it is a lottery.  Often God tells us that He has given us a lottery, or that we have won a lottery.  Whoever knows how to use this knowledge for his own profit and benefit as well as to benefit others, receives an incalculable return.  A lottery is different from a savings scheme.  You buy a ticket for 100 and you receive a prize of multi-millions.  It is a really good deal.  But this is so unbelievable that very few take it seriously.  This is why you receive such a great amount.  If many would understand the deal they would take it up, and consequently you would have relatively less.  What is the percentage of people from Tahiti here in this room?  Relative to the population of Tahiti it is a tiny fraction.

What price do we pay for this great fortune?  It is to use your time, breath and thought well.  Thought is the foundation of everything.  Through wasting thought, you waste your time.  This is also the same as wasting your breath.  The cost is to be disciplined in your life.  Our great problem is laziness.  We must be disciplined but not force ourselves and go out of balance.  Everything needs to remain in balance.  If we sprint we can run 100, 200 or 400 meters, but a marathon is 42 kilometres.  Spiritual practice is a marathon.  We have to be in for the long haul, so we must move at a speed which can be sustained until the end.  And our run is much further than 42 kilometres.  It is longer than 42 years.  This is reminiscent of the story of the hare and the tortoise.  This is our story.  To maintain a speed that can be kept up for years is to understand time.

It is important to practice rotating the cycle of 5000 years.  This action functions like a helicopter with rotary wings.  By rotating the wings you get lift.  The small rotor at the back is also required in order to provide direction.  Rotating the cycle means to create a vortex.  You know that a hurricane is also a vortex.  In the centre of the vortex it is completely calm and quiet.

The state of the world is increasing chaotic.  The practice of rotating the cycle is an instrument to remain in a state of total calm within chaotic situations.  Chaos is whirling all around us but we are in the centre of calm with our attention focussed above.  We are quietly in the middle knowing what is going to happen.  Others keep asking what is going to happen, but we know very well what is going to happen.  Circumstances will spin to the maximum extent then they will go to their opposite.

A law of spirituality is that once circumstances reach their ultimate extreme, everything changes and becomes something else.  Often we find ourselves in circumstances and we say “for how much longer will this go on?”  Spiritual law says it will continue until it is over.  When it’s over, it’s over.  What do we need?  Patience.

In the context of the 5000 year cycle, the life expectancy at the beginning of the cycle is average 150 years.  We remain physically and mentally in good condition for the first few lives.  In general these are beautiful lives for all, there are no illnesses, no hardships, population is small, there is prosperity.  As time goes on life expectancy diminishes until it can be a low as an average of 30 or 40 years.  There are infant mortality, accidents, diseases etc. which cut short a person’s life unexpectedly.  Many experience financial difficulty and even abject poverty.  Thus the knowledge of the cycle tells us that there is not progress, but devolution.  All the evolution occurs during the short period of the confluence age.  This time between the end and the new beginning is the time when we can know these things.  They remain unknown to us at all other times periods in the cycle.  During decline it is unbearable for a soul to know that they will simply continue to decline until they reach bottom, until they reach hell.  This is neither interesting nor attractive.

Obviously we are experiencing an exponential growth and development of technological progress.  It is interesting to note that this corresponds to the historical period that we call the Confluence Age.  Technical progress is visible and tangible to all, whereas the spiritual progress that we experience is incognito.  Those who are not studying and meditating as we are, will surely be declining rapidly.  Clearly, the quality of matter is in decline due to entropy.  Climate change is a consequence of disequilibrium in the natural cycles of air, water and earth.  There is both a human factor as well as factors beyond human influence such as sun spot activity, and switches in the magnetic orientation of the northern and southern hemispheres.

During this Confluence Age time period there are two very powerful energies in conflict with each other.  One is the energy of exponential decline and collapse of the world as we know it, which we call the tamopradhan stage.  The other is the intensely powerful energy of the Creator.  Science and technology have two important tasks to accomplish.  One is the technology of Artificial Intelligence, Internet, information technology, etc. for communications, media and umpteen applications.  The other is applying the same technology for weapons and the supporting military requirements.

Civilisation in the coming era will be extremely high tech.   The people at that time are more than intelligent, they use telepathy for communications, therefore they have no need for mobile phones etc.  They are also able to guide and control the extremely high tech machines using just their minds.   Transportation is not by cars and wheel based vehicles, but airplanes, individual and small size airplanes powered by clean nuclear energy, cold fusion most probably.  All the technology to be used in the coming era has to be invented at this time.  There is a need for extremely high tech weapons of mass destruction at this time also.  Technology is neutral like a knife.  You can stab a person’s body and kill them or you can cut fruits and vegetables with the same knife.  It depends on the person using it.  In the same way technology can be used in many ways depending on the person in possession of that technology.  The spiritual quality and integrity of the people of the future is such that they would support their civilization with excellent application of technology that is friendly to both the environment and humanity.   At this time technology is often applied from the angle of greed, fear, etc.

We are currently in between these two opposing forces which are in an extreme form at this time.  Baba is telling us to use the yantra.  You are familiar with the word mantraYantra means instrument.  There are sacred instruments.  Rotation of the cycle is a sacred instrument.  It enables you to remain in a state of calm in circumstances of total chaos.  Secondly it enables you to go beyond all things and watch what is going on from a far distance without getting distressed by perceived events.

We know we are eternal souls.  We know we have to pass through the total transformation of the world.  We know how to pass through this while remaining detached.  We are not afraid of death.  Neither of our own or that of others who are also eternal souls.  We have an overview of the future.  The main challenge is to pass through this period of destruction.  It is also a challenge to take full advantage of the confluence age and take benefit of the lottery that has been given to us.   We must make our lives successful and inspire others to do likewise.  All this is included in the gift of time.

God has given us time.  When we have control of time,  including the time for thought, it is said such a one is a sovereign.  When you control time it means you have become a master.  God says, I have come, I have opened a school.  If you wish to become masters, then come and learn.  I will teach you the most interesting matters and you will use it as you wish.  However the condition is to remain pure.  If a person does not remain pure, they are unable to absorb this information into their minds or intellects.  It is a protection.

Where did Christ and Buddha learn to become masters?  It had to have been during this period of the confluence age, and they had to have studied with God.  They are historical people dating from 2000 or 2500 years ago.  They subsequently reincarnated.  Even you do not know who you are, or who you were.  But God knows who we are, and who we were.  He says, come, you need this knowledge, I know who you are and you do not know who you are.   You need this because you need to raise your level of consciousness.  You have a role to play.  But we don’t know who we are.  Gradually he tells us: you were kings of ancient times.  You had once been great Gurus.  You had once been great military generals, great scholars,  And now you are completely ordinary people.

However within us are a few discernible signs.  One is great love for God.  Another is great love for humanity, and for the earth itself.  People with these characteristics must have been someone great in earlier times.    At this time most people are egoistic, and do not care much about others.  Baba knows who we are, and what we had done, and what we have become now.  He knows what is our potential.  Even if we fall to the lowest human level, our original identity persists.  Whatever we did subsequently does not change our original identity.  When we hear the teachings of Baba, our ancient identity re-awakens.  We begin to understand what he is telling us and to use the tools he is providing to us.  They work, and we are able to be connected with God.  We are able to stop our vices.  Vices cannot be overcome without the direct power of God.  It is an energy that purifies.

You say, I need a cigarette,  Why?  To handle your feelings.  Otherwise you don’t need any tobacco.  Or you say, I need a Whiskey, Why?  Because you are not doing well and you need something to calm you.  You need a drug.  You need a fix of Heroin, Why?  Because you need to feel good.  But these substances weaken us a great deal.  The relief is very temporary and will power is greatly weakened by drug use.  If you take power from Baba, then it restores you to your full power and gives you the possibility to handle your feelings.  This is called inner power.  Otherwise you are internally feeble.

Many people call out to God asking him to give them strength.  He says “OK, here, use me.  He says, I have many treasures, I have love, peace, power, I can purify you.  Use me.”  So then we say OK and we start to take power from Baba.  And we see that is works.

Then he says:  “Well, I will give you tests.  I will send you Maya.”  We say: “OK no problem.”  “I will put you into insanity and make you crazy.”  We say, “OK it’s alright.  We can handle it.”  He says, “I will put you in bad situations and vibrations. Everyone will be against you.”  We say “OK its alright.”  All this is the gift of time.

Within this treasure of time are many other treasures.  What is time.  It is events which have a certain duration and which occur somewhere.  That is time.  Otherwise time is just an idea.  But the reality of time and space is: events which have a certain duration and which occur somewhere.  All this is the theatre of events, people, activities and incidents.  These can all be positioned on a circle of time like the reel of a film.  In former times, films were on 35 millimetre plastic film.  You would keep reels of 2 hours in circular cans which were about 2 inches thick and about 10 inches wide.  I used to work in Television News many years ago.  We filmed the news items in 16 millimetre film, we cut the films with razor blades and sent the cans by airplane to reach Canada in time for the 10 pm news.  Now everything is sent by internet and takes a few seconds or minutes to upload.  Now you can store so much media in a tiny chip that can hold hundreds of gigabytes.  It is easy to project that the entire number of lives over a span of 5000 years of an individual can be contained in a tiny point of light.  It is not much of a leap of understanding to arrive at that awareness.

Baba is teaching us such a technology that you can understand all your lives.  What do we want to know?  We want to know who we are.  Not who I am now, not who I am going to become, but who I am in total.  Karma is about cause and effect.  The first cause is also the last effect so it is a closed circle.  That means it repeats identically.  There is the history of the world in general.  There is the history of the very important souls like Adam and Eve and Krishna, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammed.  These are important people.  Their biographies are important for everyone.  Your story is important for you.  It does not necessarily mean much for others, but it is important to you.  He gives the template that shows how it works.  He says, “go into your soul.   Research and you will find out who you are.   Become once again who you are.”

There are three stages.   Your original stage, your eternal stage and your final stage.  All three are the same.  What we are eternally in the soul world is our potential.  What we were when we first arrived on earth was our maximum best.  And at the end when God has completed working on us we will also have the same condition.  All this is a closed circuit.  He gives us this.  This is the gift of time.  He gives us the gift of our identity, so that we can know who we are.  We have to ponder deeply, to know who we are.  We have to face various illusions about ourselves.  We have to go into silence.  This is for everyone, but not everyone will take this up.

What will we do in 2019?  There will be much turbulence, much disturbance.  Volcanos are becoming more and more active.  One third of Anuk Krakatoa fell into the ocean and created a Tsunami.   Mururoa can break very easily  It is very fragile and delicately in balance.  If it breaks then so much radio active nuclear waste escapes into the ocean.

In 2019 we need to rotate the cycle of time in our minds.  We must create a vortex and remain in the calm centre in the middle of the vortex of great turbulence of world events.  Sit in the calm with much peace and much faith.  If we hesitate, we cannot remain in calm.  There is faith that everything is ok and I am sitting in the middle of my vortex.  Et voilà.

Baba makes us go where we have to go.  Why did he call us?  We are here because something made us come here, or inspired us to come there.  Baba called us, but why?  He wants to give us something, and he wants us to do something that only we can do.  Only those people who can connect themselves directly to God can be channels through whom God can dispatch his energy throughout the world.  This is also interesting.  What should a channel do.  He has to just be there and not move around.  The water has to flow through the channel.  So just stay steady and let the water, or the energy flow.  Some rivers flow faster than others, some are more powerful than others.

What will you do in 2019?  A channel who lets the energy flow well must use his time, breath and thought to create a lot of fortune, and inspire everyone else to do likewise.  That’s it.

It is not that difficult.  The reason there are exams, or ordeals, is so that we pass them.  Exams have no other purpose than to enable us to rise to the next level.  Why does God put us through ordeals?  It is to strengthen us, and to make us experienced.  These are the two purposes of going through ordeals.  What is required in us is courage, patience, faith and confidence.  We are his children so he will take care of us.  This stands to reason.

God has no karmic accounts.  He is the creator and He knows who each person is.  He has no problems.  He is always in a state of bliss.  He has concerns because He does not like to see any one starving.  He does not like to see his children suffer.

The order of our concern has to be I first, then God, then others.  If we put the self first it means we consider ourselves responsible for our lives, and for whatever is happening to us.  He gives us these teachings.

He teaches us to take responsibility for our actions.  I am God’s child and his student.  He has raised us and educated us.  He says do not take responsibility for others. That is my responsibility.  This is my problem, not yours.  You do not have enough power to look after the rest of the world.  This is my responsibility.

Our culture teaches us to put others first and put ourselves last.  When we think about others and neglect to think abut ourselves, we find ourselves in trouble.  We get into karmic bondages.

Putting yourself first means. What time did I get up today?  That is my responsibility.  Not to be concerned about what time someone else got up.  What am I doing? Am I acting as I should?    If I act correctly then God will be pleased and others will be inspired.

In our culture, saying me first is considered a form of egoism, because it is assumed that you put your selfish desires first.  But to say I first means to take responsibility and to expect to be held accountable for what I am doing.

God is telling us that He is OK.  He says, I have no problems.  You have problems.  Most of your problems stem from not having understood that you are responsible for yourselves.  He says I will not act on your behalf.  He says I am your back bone.  I am holding you up and guiding you.  Other people are my problem not yours.  Very often when you try to take over other people, it does not work out very well.  You may well try to change other people, but it is not usually successful.  You can inspire them and be an example.

He gives us free choice.  A good choice would be to act as He teaches us to act.  Of course He is first in terms of being our source and our inspiration.  Be aware, I am responsible for everything that is happening to me.  And for everything that has happened to me.

I can say that everything that is happening and has happened to me is due to my karma, or is a consequence of my karma.  To a certain degree I am also responsible for whatever is happening to all of us.  We cannot think I am alone, I am also with others.  My attitude towards others has an effect.  What I have done, what I have been in the past few thousand years, has contributed to bring the current situation into being.  This is true particularly if you are in a position of leadership.  Some people ae more influential than others.

For example Mr Trump has a lot of influence and many people are affected by what he does.  He is also affected by having affected all those people.  That also affects the American people because he is their elected representative.  It is like the symbol of infinity.  “What goes around comes around.”

In terms of climate change.  Each person who uses plastic bags contributes to the islands of plastic debris that are to be found floating in the ocean.  It is amazing to me that the ocean has managed to tidy up the plastic debris that we wantonly throw into it into piles and thereby protect the sea life from damage to some extent.  There is a sign in a national park saying “Animals respect their environment.  Please conduct yourselves like animals while in this place.”  We must be aware of being not only responsible for what are obvious effects of our conduct, but there are many other very far reaching effects of our individual and collective actions including pollution, the government we have.  There are many things we are responsible for but over which we have no control.  For example we are responsible for the fact that we age.  We are responsible for the fact that time is passing by, everyone is becoming old and corrupt.  We are all in the same boat.  We are implicated.  When one person takes meaningful action and remains in contact with God, he or she spreads a powerful atmosphere.  The effect of this can be very far reaching.  This is why it is good to become a channel for God.

Eros Philos Logos

The Conscious Quantum Leap

I will discuss three well known Greek words,  eros, philos and logos.  Ordinarily eros is limited to the erotic.  I am using the term to signify the attraction and love for beauty.  The beauty of the landscape, nature, the human form, the human personality, all the arts including literature, painting, music and dance.  The love of beauty is an important part of life and deeply connected to the heart.  Eros is also the beauty of the family home, festivals and daily life in all its spleandour.  In India there is mention of the dangerous beauty of nature’s expressions through volcanoes, tsunamis and other spectacular manifestions.

We perceive all that is eros through our sense organs: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.  There is also sense pleasure in gourmet foods, physical love and extreme sports.  Everything that we can experience through the physical senses belongs to the category of eros.  For many this is life, this is happiness, this gives meaning.

We swing between happiness and misfortune.  There is also the shadow aspect of eros, when we fail, we are deluded, deceived and disappointed, or when some one dies, we lose a person, a place or an object.

Philos refers to whatever is connected to the intellect, analysis and play with ideas.  Philos is about philosophy, science and religion, whether esoteric or exoteric.  The esoteric refers to the mystical side.  Whereas the exoteric refers to prayers, chanting, rituals, buildings, institutions and religious festivals.

Philos also includes different systems of government.  Should there be a kingdom with royal families, and governance by the king, queen, princes and princesses; or should there be democracy, the preferred system of today.  Should there be dictatorship, a military junta or tyranny.  What system do we choose to govern our society?   All these are ideas.  In moral philosophy how do we know whether something is good or bad, correct or incorrect?  Anything connected with ethics and morality is part of philos.  It is important in social life to know and to be connected to our ideas so that we can formulate our values.  All this belongs to the category of philos.

For people who life exclusively in eros, it would be a quantum leap to shift from eros into the dimension of philosPhilos is subtle and requires intellectual development, the power of reason and the capacity to perform moral reasoning.  We make choices in life.  We need to judge who is good, who can be trusted, how we should use money, what is a crime and what is not a crime.

Many remain at the level of eros.  Others live in both eros and philos.  Some remain in the world of philos and disdain eros somewhat.  I once met a physicist who had won a nobel prize for his work.  He was an excellent mathematician but could not tie his shoes.  He could not manage the tasks of ordinary life and depended entirely on his wife and his university for the basics of living.

Logos is higher than philosLogos means the word of God, which must be logical, coherent and filled with the highest significance.  Logos refers to the sacred aspect of human life and is about contact with the Divine.  Logos is a level of consciousness that you encounter rarely.  It is mostly the preserve of mystics and those who give importance to the spiritual dimension.

Can develop a level of consciousness whereby we can live at all three levels at once, eros, philos and logos?  To be honest, how important is the dimension of logos in your life?  Because it is insufficient, our lives lack equilibrium and an anchor.  There are energies that bring us down and prevent us from dwelling in logos.  We must swim against these currents.  Often we are unaware that there is a current that is carrying us away towards philos and eros and that prevents us from rising to the subtle level of logos.

I would like to take up the word perception.  In the dimension of eros we perceive physicial reality, people, places, and things through our sense organs.  In the inner world of philos, we can perceive the meaning of ideas through the development of our intellect.  We must also develop the mind in order to enter the domaine of philosophy, because there is perception of meaning through the mind.  To enter the dimension of logos we require spiritual perception.  For this we must develop the soul at its deepest level of perception so that through the mind we can perceive the Divine directly.

In the Gita, India’s most revered scripture, a verse says: “There are some who perceive it.  Others declare that it exists, and a third group who asks what you are referring to.”  Those with access to logos can perceive the Divine.  Those in philos accept that logos exists, while those who are totally in eros cannot conceptualise what logos might be.

The soul has faculties.  Each soul’s faculties are developed to a different degree.  However until you begin the develop your faculties, you remain unaware to what extent they can be developed.  Each one has their own limitations which are difficult to exceed.

Anyone can begin a course of study, but very few achieve excellence or virtuosity.  Very few become masters.  Whether it is cooking, sport, music, dance or medicine.  In Hollywood they say for cinema stars, there is 5% talent and 95% hard work.

Our capacity for raising our level of consciousness and achieving the level of logos depends on will power.  You need to dedicate time to work regularly and intensively.  And as soon as you begin such work everything that lies hidden within the subconscious mind will erupt.

The development of human consciousness does not cost money, so it is said to be free.  But that is only at the level of money.  There are other costs.  It requires attention and time to overcome psychological barriers.  In general most people have sustained psychological wounds due to severe shocks experienced in life.  These wounds neither heal spontaneously nor with time.  They take the form of blockages that are hard to break through.  These psychological barriers block our way when we wish to rise from eros and philos and reach the level of logos.  Crossing these barriers requires total honesty which is not easy.  Those who are the most wounded have difficulty facing and recounting their story, and tend to remain in denial.

Some claim they are not wounded but they display a lot of arrogance.  This arrogance takes the form of an impenetrable wall that stands between the self and the attainment of the level of logos.  This situation is probably worse that a wound.  When the heart and soul are wounded they seek a healing.  The arrogant person thinks he or she has everything or knows everything and does not seek to be healed from his or her arrogance.  To achieve a healing, it seems to be we have a better chance if we are aware that we carry a wound, than if we are arrogant.

There are different types of wound.  A sign of being wounded is fear and anxiety.  When someone has experienced extreme circumstances there is always the possibility that simmilar circumstances may recur.  It is normal to have fear and live in anxiety.  In the face of fear there are two options.  One is courage, the other is cowardice and to avoid facing the fear.

People who experience a lot of fear and anxiety often also show a lot of courage.  Cowardice does not look good.  When someone has passed through extremely difficult situations he or she develops the habit of acting out of great courage.  Thus badly wounded people often display great courage.  They also have a lot of anger, which is itself a defense mechanism.  Anger and violence do not look good therefore they get transformed into courage.  Such a person has the tendency to supress negative emotions by shifting into the dimension of philos and going into justification and denial.  Deconstructing all this is psychological work.  These are barriers which prevent one from making the quantum leap required to cross the glass ceiling and reach the subtle and elevated territory of the dimension of logos.  The invisible blockage resembles the struggle of a bee to fly through a window of transparent glass that blocks her passage and she just cannot understand.

Someone who initiates a spiritual practice needs time and space to pass through various stages.  The first stage is to put in place certain disciplines.  These are exercises which reinforce the muscle of consciousness.  Establishing spiritual disciplines creates strength.  In the practice of Raja Yoga we begin with certain physical disciplines.  For example, if someone claims to be practicing non-violence, then they have to become vegetarian in order to avoid killing what they are about to eat.  Some people salivate thinking about their steak, their grilled fish and their chichen nuggets.  They would find this discipline hard.

Another discipline is to stop drinking alcohol.  Why?  Alcohol affects the quality of our consciousness.  It puts the individual into an altered state of consciousness then gradually and progressively diminishes their will power.  It distorts perception and gradually they lose the power to manage their emotions and feelings.  Such a person experiences mood swings and behaviour patterns that become difficult to manage.  Other recreational drugs like cocaine, heroin, opioids etc. produce similar effects and the individual gradually becomes a slave to the substance.

Someone who follows these disciplines takes responsibility for managing their own emotions.  When their wound is triggered by some ordinary situation they experience an emotional reaction that is abnormally strong.  This indicates the area and the origin of their wound.  A person who desires to do spiritual work, must dig deep to find the origin of their trauma that has blocked their psychological development.  The reaction might be violence, anger, extreme fear or anxiety, inability to manage their thoughts, irrational thinking and production of endless internal films.  They experience doubts, fantasies and nightmares that they are unable to control.  The experience of war, being in a natural disaster or an epidemic, leaves traumatic scars and psychological barriers that remain in the soul until they are healed.

Psychological work involves neutralising the negative emotions and transcending many toxic patriarchal social attitudes that have blocked a person’s psychological development.  For example the inequitable way that men and women are treated.

The dimension of logos provides a completely different perspective on life.  It carries us beyond conventional morality.  All spiritual powers and virtues are in place.  To dwell in Logos, it is important to work through psychological barriers the moment they arise.  There is also the matter of karma.  The philosophy of karma is complex and difficult to decrypt.

The soul is non physical, spiritual, eternal, it is the animating force in the body and is linked to the sacred.  Negative karma generates blocks that stand between the soul and the Divine.  These blocks force the soul to remain at the level of eros.  Some souls manage to develop the philos aspect in order to avoid everything connected to the heart, feelings, betrayal and the various wounds sustained by the soul.  Such people flee into intellectualism.

To make the quantum leap into the dimension of logos one must discern clearly, “What exctly am I, the soul, doing?  What tactics am I using to avoid facing the truths that I must face in order to cross my blockages?”  Generally people cannot see themselves.  They do not see their barricades, but others do see them.  Some can see them more clearly than others.

A person that we trust, who can see clearly, has our interests at heart, will tell us what our problem is.  For example, “your relationships with people are fear based.”  The other will respond, “What, Me?!!!  Not at all,  I have a lot of courage and I did this and that etc.”  Due to passing through many severe situations that person has developed the attitude of courage as a mask to hide their fears.  The reality behind the mask is a state of denial, and unawareness.

Fear and anxiety influence that soul and drive their karma, their activities, and the person convinces themselves that their courage is an indication of having already healed.  The individual denies that he or she has fabricated this mask of courage to disguise the fear.  Then their behaviour patterns are discernibly artificial and contrived.

People who are real have enough clarity to see themselves accurately.  They do not have double standards.  When there is ego either they consider themselves to be greater than thay are or to be less than they truly are.  They oscillate between the two which are anyway both false.  They cannot see themselves as they are.

Making a quantum leap of consciousness demands being completely real.  The wounded person tends to be hypocritical and artificial.  That one needs to listen to trusted people who may tell them painful truths.  Are they ready to hear such words?  If they take the words as insults then the trusted people will hesitate to speak further.

Interpersonal communication is becoming progressively less authentic as people cannot tolerate painful words.  The ego is set off, reacts and adopts defensive attitudes.  The mask of pretence remains in place hiding the wound.  To repair all this one must engage in psychological work.  Many think this is spiritual work, but no, it is psychlogical.  It takes time to complete and then begin the real spiritual work.  There are steps.  First the individual establishes his or her life style disciplines.  Secondly he or she begins the deep psychological work, which can take several years.  Then the deep spiritual work can be undertaken

It is important to trust those who tell us the truth.  These are our real friends.  False people never tell us the truth.  When we accept the truth that breaks our ego, the false ego can then die and the real self emerges.  If we wish to make the quantum leap and reach logos, we have to ask the Divine to send us such friends.  Otherwise circumstances such as a disease will arise.  Someone sick is dependant and needs others to wash and dress them.  The ego prefers to be independent, so such circumstances also break the ego.  Severe physical pain and the possibility of death in extreme pain takes a person to and beyond their limits.  This also can break the ego and provide the possibility for the person to transcend their limitations and move into the dimension of logos.  Some souls manage to develop philos.  They analyse their situation dispassionately and consider their past traumas with detachment.  Finally the spiritual work can begin.

Consciousness is within, but the soul believes in external reality as we perceive it via the sense organs.  This is body consciousness, consciousness of matter.  Spirituality orientates us towards the inner dimension.  Internal orientation is a practice that requires much time to develop.  There are many distractions, things that need doing, etc.  When we get bed-bound due to a broken leg there is a chance, but even in such a position there are obstacles, we complain, we watch TV, read books etc. because there is not the political will or determination to to do the necessary work that allows us to evolve spiritually.  Determination is the key ingredient that enables us to pass through the glass ceiling and enter into the dimension of logos.  This level is also called the Karmateet Stage.  Karmateet signifies that the individual has settled their karmic accounts and is free from any burden or debt, they are in their power.

During the period of psychological work we must also settle karmic accounts.  This can take the form of conflicts, misunderstandings, and all the many problems that arise in normal human relationships.  We might sometimes wonder “what on earth could I have done to deserve this!”  This thought indicates that a karmic account is playing out and is in the process of getting settled.  Therefore we need to develop substantial inner powers to manage the emotions, tolerate the situations and people who pressurise us, who steal from us and who violate us in various ways.

One option is to consider it as a test.  Life is a university.  “Even if it is a settlement of karma, I will consider it as an exam.  I understand that it reveals the presence of some character weakness within me.  This has arisen to teach me something that will strengthen me in that area.”  This is a more positive attitude that taking it as a punishment or retribution for some past bad deed.

Through these circumstances we beome more honest with ourselves and with others.  The frozen heart begins to melt.  We start looking at people directly in their eyes, and become more present for ourselves and for others.  We formulate our values on the basis of spiritual principles.  These are essential attributes of those who seek to enter into Logos.  It makes us more authentic, more real.  We have greater self-respect and respect and love for others.  At the same time we cultivate our relationship with the Divine.

Our relationship with the Divine needs to be coherent and continuous.  Otherwise the relationship is only activated at moments of extreme necessity.  Because it is a relationship it must be a living, meaningful and daily communication.  Self-respect is findamental In our relationship with the Divine.  This divine force, God, is the one that pierces the glass ceiling and allows us to pass through. This new dimension is a completely different landscape, inhabited by real, genuine and pure people who are honest with themselves.  Very few people live at this level, but this is where we would like to dwell.

At the time when we are taking tests they seem very hard.  Like when a woman gives birth, it is extremely painful, but as soon as it is completed, she is over-joyed to see her child.  Sometimes life presents us with terrible trials that we must cross

One of the Laws of Spirituality says that “when we think too much about painful, horrible situations, or some injustice that was done to us, we get attached to those events and these bind us to eros.”  When we try to justify our attitude we may reach as far as philos, but we will not reach logos that way.  To enter the dimension of logos we must strip ourselves down to the core, and let go of everything we may be holding on to.  We have to interpret these events as side-scenes which brought us to this level of logos, and a state of being free from our bondages.  This is positive.  The idea that the events were negative prevents us from moving forward.  It is essential to understand that these scenes belong to the past and they made it possible for us to evolve.  Thus they become positive historical facts.  We continue the journey of life.

Many stay stuck in the events of the past that they experienced as traumatic, they may seek revenge, they wish the incidents had never happened, and they obsessively and repeatedly run the scenes through their minds.  One of the Laws of Spirituality says, “It’s not good, it’s not bad, it just is.”  We can use this phrase to neutralise the hold these memories have over us and which seem to overwhelm our spirit preventing us from moving on.

We need to move beyond everything.  “I am an eternal soul.”  Remind yourself often: “I am extremely valuable, I am loved by the Divine.  I have great potential.  My life has a sense and purpose that I am just discovering.”  The more we make the quantum leap of consciousness and stay in logos, the more the view when we look back on the past, gives us a perspective of acceptance and an awareness that everything was exactly as it should have been.  This brings a feeling of fulfillment.

There are no more illusions.  Disillusionment is a very unpleasant feeling but far preferable to staying under an illusion.  We get past the unpleasant experience of disillusionment and reach clarity.  We have made our peace.  We accept what was.  Then we are in a state of being real, we are in truth.  We have passed through our blocks and ego masks.  We are on the other side of the glass ceiling.  We live in logos.  Our relationships with the Divine lets us accept the way life is.  Temporary incidents take second place in comparison to logos.  Therefore we seek to integrate the level of logos into our consciousness so that we no longer get trapped in the illusion of impermanent realities.

Arabic Language. Murli Notes

Murli notes august 16 الأخت دنيس نقطة مهمة حول اليوغا: أولاً ، كن بوعيًا روحياً وفقط عندها من الممكن تذكر شيف بابا. في الكثير من الأحيان يحاول الناس أن يتذكروا شيف بابا وهم لا يزالون بوعي جسدي ثم يتفاجأون بأنهم لا ينجحون. والجهد الرئيسي هو أن يصبح المرء بوعي روحي ، وبعدها تصبح بنفس البعد والمستوى مثل شيف بابا. ثم يمكنك الاتصال بسهولة. نقطة فلسفية مهمة تأتي في السؤال والجواب. الإنسان يتأثر بالتأكيد بالكارما. هناك العديد من المجموعات والممارسات الروحية التي تقول بأن الروح محصنة من تأثير الكارما. هذا لأنهم يفترضون بأن النفس هي جزءاً من الله ، والله بالتأكيد محصن من الكارما. شيف بابا هو دائما كارماتيت ولكن النفس تتأثر. ومن ثم فإن مجهود الراج يوغا هو أن تصبح بالكامل خالي من حسابات الكارمة وأن تصل إلى مرحلة الكارماتيت. إشارة الإقتراب من حالة الكارماتيت هو عندما تصبح محايداً بشكل متزايد بما يتعلق بأقطاب السعادة والحزن ، الجيد والسيئ والممتع والغير سار. تصبح أقرب إلى مرحلة شيف بابا التي هي كارمايت ، وهذا هو أيضا الجهد لنكون ببسامان ، )مثل الأب(. إن المعلومات التي نحتاجها لتحقيق ذلك موجودة داخل شيف بابا ، والمعلومات التي يقدمها البشر الاتين من مختلف المسارات والممارسات والأديان المختلفة غير كافية و / أو غير صحيحة. بسبب ذلك لا تنجح. هذه الكلمة “تجسيد للسلام” تُعطى للروح. أعتقد أن “التجسيد” قد لا تكون كلمة جيدة لأنها تشير إلى الجسد. ” Swaroop ” تعني شكل الذات ، والطريقة الذاتية. “الدارما” الأصلية للروح هي السلام ، الصمت ، السكون. إذا كنت تفهم أن كلمة “دارما” تعني الدين فقط ، فهذا لا معنى له. هناك معنى آخر “للدارما” ، وهو “ما أنت عليه بالتحديد” ، “ما هو تعريفك”. تعريف الروح هو أن تكون في حالة سكون أصلية. هذا يوازي الطاقة المحتملة للروح عندما لا تكون نشطة. بمجرد أن تأتي الروح إلى عالم المادة ، والعمل ، والوقت ، وإلى جسد تصبح هذه الطاقة حركية. يتم استخدام كلمة “الروح العظيمة”. أعتقد أننا نستطيع أن نبقي الكلمة باللغة الهندية. اعتاد الناس على كلمة “المهاتما” خاصةً عندما يتم تطبيقها على غاندي. ليس لديك مرجع لكلمة “الروح العظيمة” ولكن إذا استخدمت كلمة المهاتما التي هي جزء من اللغة الإنجليزية في الوقت الحاضر ، فأنت عندها تعرف بالظبط ما الذي تشير إليه. التعبير المستخدم هو: “اليوغا الفكريه ترتفع.” من الصعب نوعا ما معرفة ما يعنيه ذلك ، ولكن يمكنك ترجمة كلمة اليوغا بودي “بتركيز انتباهك”، ومن ثم يكون من الأسهل بكثير فهم وإدراك أن تركيز اهتمامك يرتفع إلى فوق عندما تتذكر ، أو عندما تتحدث عن الآب الأعلى الروح العليا. بابا يدخل المعرفة إلى بصيرتنا أو يمكننا أن نقول أيضا إلى ذكاؤنا. الذكاء يتطلب أن يكون لديك القدرة على فهم ومعالجة المفاهيم. إنها ليست مسألة شعور. الشعور يحدث في العقل ولكن الفهم يحدث في الذكاء. سأستخدم كلمة “ذكاء” و “ضمير” لبوذي لأننا لا نستخدم كلمة البصيرة بهذه الطريقة باللغة الإنجليزية. هناك تفريق مثير للاهتمام يجعله بابا حول الفيداس والغيتا. من المثير للاهتمام أن نعرف أنه في الغيتا ، يذكر بوضوح أن الفيداس هي للأشخاص الذين لا يمتلكون الكثير من الذكاء الخفي ، وأن الغيتا هي المعرفة التي يعطيها الله. أولئك الذين يختارون الفيداس هم أشخاص غير قادرين على فهم المعرفة التي يقدمها الله. هناك وصف مثير للاهتمام عن الذكر وغفران الخطايا. كما تعلمون ، الغفران هو مفهوم مسيحي والراجا يوغا ليست الديانة المسيحية. ما هي الخطيئة؟ الخطيئة هي تأثير الفعل السلبي ، الذي يضعك في عبودية للمادة والناس والأماكن والأشياء. الخطيئة ثم تحكم تصرفاتك والنتيجة هي المعاناة. الخطيئة تأخذ شكل الكسل الذاتي. الطريقة لأن تصبح حرًا هي الانفصال عن مسألة جسدك المادي والبقاء في ذكرى شيف بابا ، وتنفيذ الإجراءات ، ليس على أساس ردت فعل للنشاط الإحساسي ، ولكن مبني على مفهوم الغيان ، الذي يرشدنا إلى نوعية الكارمة الذي يجب فعلها بالحالات المختلفة. حياة براهما بابا هي الموسوعة لتقريباً جميع الحالات. هناك أمثلة على كيفية تفسير براهما بابا للمعرفة ، واستجابته لمختلف المواقف. التعلق هو مشكلة كبيرة. عندما تتذكر شخصًا أو مكانًا أو شيئًا ، أنت ترتبط بالمادة والأنشطة داخل الدراما وتأثير الدراما على وعيك. ومع ذلك ، عندما تنفصل عن تأثير الدراما ، وتفصل انجذابك عن الناس والأماكن والأشياء ، عندها تصبح حرًا ، والخطيئة لا تعمل بطريقة إجبارك على التصرف بطريقة معينة. لقد قمت بإبطال مفعول الخطيئة. هذا ، بالنسبة لي ، منطقياً أكثر من فكرة الغفران ، التي تعني أن تتذكر شيف بابا وهو ينزع خطاياك. ليس عليك القيام بأي شيء عدا الإيمان. هذا يعيدنا إلى التفكير الديني. هو مثل الإيمان الأعمى لأنك لا تستطيع فهم العملية أو الطريقة التي بواسطتها سوف يأخذ شيف بابا ذنوبك. هو يعطينا تعليمات لنحرر أنفسنا من الخطايا. لذلك ، إنها طريقة مفيدة أكثر للفهم. ثم يتوجب علينا أن نباشر بالعمل للإنتهاء من خطايانا. يعطينا التوجيهات والتعليمات المفصلة. عندما يقول بابا “أعطيكم المكافأة” ، هذا يعني أن المعلم يعطينا الكثير من المعلومات التي تخولنا على خلق ثروة غير محدودة لأنفسنا. يعطينا إمكانية خلق الثروة ، لكنه لا يمنحنا الثروة. يتصل بنا ويعلمنا ويمكّننا من خلق الثروة. حبه ، هديته ، هي المعرفة وكل شيء آخر يتبع ذلك. يوضح بابا بأن السعادة هي ما يحدث لنا عندما نقوم بأداء الكارما الدقيقة. لقد أخذنا السلطة الكاملة من بابا ويمكننا مقاومة سحب مايا والمادة والحزن والأوضاع والظروف التي هي أقوى منا. بابا يجعلنا أقوى من المواقف ، ثم نصبح أحرار ، وبعد ذلك نصبح سعداء. يأخذنا بابا إلى السكينة ، ولكن السكينة ليست أرض اً. السكينة هي حالة من الصمت العميق حيث لا يوجد حتى صوت فكرة. ممارسة الذهاب إلى الصفر هي حالة دقيقة للغاية. إنها على بعد مختلف. كلمة “الأرض” هي أرضية. الجنة هنا على الأرض. الجنة ليست فوق والجحيم ليست بالأسفل ، كل شيء هنا. السكينة هو بعد آخر ، غير أرضي.

German Murli Notes August 23

2018-08-23 Murlinotizen kor

German Murli Notes – August 4 2018

German 2018-09-04

Murli Notes September 3, 2018. Arabic

September 3rd Arabic


Murli Notes, September 4, 2018

Murli Notes, September 4, 2018, Sister Denise

Baba is talking about the balance of the fire of yoga which destroys the sins and the arrows of knowledge which shoot down negative ideas that are also the origin of many of the sins.

There are two types of sins one is the kind that you are quite aware about.  It is sin to harm other people.  There is a second type of sin.  It is also a sin to propagate incorrect ideas which cause people to apply flawed moral logic that results in assuming a wrong action to be right.  This applies particularly to descriptions and definitions of God, souls and karma.  This also explains why, no matter how moral people may be, due to insufficient knowledge, they are unable to become free from sin.

Baba connects the balance of the fire of yoga and clear knowledge, with the creation of a high status and that too for many births in your future.  Baba takes us back to the basic essentials.  The original dharma of the soul.  Note that dharma does not always mean religion, but what you actually are.  A soul begins as still, silent, at peace, and then receives physical organs, the instrument of the body, through which to perform karma.  Thus, the body is secondary and the soul is primary.  Baba clarifies how we souls take the support of the body so that we can understand better how Shiv Baba, the bodiless Supreme Soul, takes the support of the body of Brahma Baba in order to speak to us.

Baba explains that we forget Baba is because we do not have sufficient practice.  It is necessary to spend a lot of time sitting practicing to detach from the body, practicing to connect with Shiv Baba in order for it to remain stable, steady and permanent, whilst  you are doing other activities.  In each Murli, Baba gives us the basics and reminds us: “I have told you who I am, I told you who you are, and I have told you the beginning the middle and the end of the world.”  This is a completely different way of understanding what humanity is and how the world proceeds, in comparison with what we receive from the scriptures or from regular education.

You will see in the Murli the word ‘infinite’ which is the translation of the word béant.   However, I would not use the word ‘infinite’, I would say a better translation is ‘indefinable.’  This is because the English expression for this tends to be that God is indefinable.  They say further that if you try to define God, no matter what definition you give, it will be wrong because God is indefinable.  Baba says this is not true.   Maybe you cannot define Me, but I can define Myself, and then explain Myself to you.

The English translation also says that the creation is ‘infinite’; infinite in the sense that it is never ending. The Hindi word béant, means that it does not have an end in time or space.  Also, because of the cyclical nature of creation, it doesn’t cease to exist.   When a person defines something physical, they delimit it.  It is difficult for people of linear thinking to define something which is non-linear.  Baba clarifies that, because people think God is indefinable, consequently He must be everywhere. However, that is faulty logic.   Baba points that out, which becomes an additional proof that He is not omnipresent.  The foundation of the concept of omnipresence is faulty logic.

Baba takes up the praise of God: Ek Onkar Satnam Karta Purush, which comes from the Guru Granth Sahib the religious scripture of the Sikh religion.  You will find many quotes from the Guru Granth Sahib.  The community of Sindhis that Brahma Baba and the original Bks came from would be familiar with quotes from both the Gita and from the Sikh scripture. Brahma Baba belonged to the Valabhacharee sect, that was a combination of Sikhism and Hinduism, where they believe in Vishnu, Krishna, and Lakshmi and Narayan as well as the Gita and the Guru Granth Sahib.

The expression “washes the dirty clothes” also comes from the Sikh scripture.  Baba takes up the expression ugly and beautiful: Shyam Sundar, which refers more accurately to the brightness of the soul when there is no eclipse of body consciousness, and the darkness or shadow of the vices that dims the brightness of the soul.  It is not so much a question of beauty and ugliness but of brightness and darkness or dimness.

Shiv Baba specifies the time of His coming.   it is only possible for Him to come when the path of devotion is at maximum, has reached its completion, and has finished everything that it had to do.  The time of Baba’s coming cannot be in the middle of the cycle, as many of the Hindu concepts present.  Rather, it can only be at the convergence of the end and the beginning.  Both the creation and the destruction occur at the time when God comes.  He can only come at the time when it is possible for there to be destruction and creation.  This can only take place at the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.  If He is here, it means we are at that time of destruction and new creation.

Baba describes the path of Bhakti as a maze.  You can neither find your way out of it, nor untangle it. Shiv Baba is the only one who can show you the way to come out, and give you a perspective that is distant enough for you to see the whole thing, and go beyond it.

Baba prepares the Brahmin community for Brahma Baba becoming avyakt.  Now the avyakt role is completed.  It is no longer happening and so we have the complete role of Sakar Baba and now the complete role of Avyakt Babdada.  He defines the avyakt form as that of a deity so the soul of Brahma Baba has temporarily come out of the cycle, he did not reincarnate.  He is the only soul who has that specialty so he has become equal to God and he has now effectively been functioning as a deity for nearly 50 years.  We have experienced that very extraordinary phenomenon.

Baba gives importance to the study and ability to communicate the information to others.  Your status is also based on your ability to work with the knowledge. The symbolism of the double crown of the deities means that one is the crown of light referring to purity, and the other is the crown of jewels, referring to the absorption of the jewels of knowledge.  Purity combined with the wisdom makes you fit to claim the status of a king.

Baba takes up the concept of dreams.  Anything that has gone into the past is experienced the way you experience a dream.   It is also said in gyan that your dreams are created by events of the past that come in to your mind during sleep.  Since that is the case, it must also be possible to have dreams of the future.  Due to the nature of the cycle of time, the future is the same as the distant past.

Baba specifies that calling him omnipresent is defamation.  How is it defamation?  Because the concept of omnipresence causes people to be unfocused, it prevents people from connecting with God, it causes people to become materialistic and to lose the power of discernment or discrimination.   That implies that it destroys your intelligence, therefore Baba presents it as an extremely negative concept.

Baba also warns that Maya will trouble us, but we should not be concerned, and just get on with our practice.  Baba connects the practice of spinning the cycle, rotating the cycle of the 84 births, and going through all the stages of sato rajo tamo, as the instrument to escape death.  Therefore it is important to consider the cycle as the key to achieving the awareness of immortality.   This is the key that enables you to leave the body without being taken by the claws of death.

Baba talks about the Third Eye as a form of intelligence by which one is able to comprehend matters that are so deep and so subtle that only God knows about them.  Only God can communicate such concepts to a human being, and that human being also has to be pure in order to absorb that information.   There is the deep secret of the Third Eye.  We have been given the Third Eye and we take care of it by maintaining our purity.

Baba says that people find it difficult to deal with the point of information that the flames of destruction emerge from this sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra.   The destruction is ignited by the sacrificial fire of knowledge and yoga, because the yoga provokes absolute polarization of purity and impurity.  There is clarity about truth when there is perfect yoga and this causes everything negative to erupt, to burst and ultimately the effect is global causing generalized destruction.  When everything negative has reached its extreme, and the process of purification reaches its extreme, then there is generalized eruption.  Baba calls the destruction a task, something which is achieved through the power of purity, so the pure fire of yoga of the yagya of Rudra spits out everything that is negative which is an explosive process, akin to a chemical reaction.

On a smaller scale when anything extremely negative takes place in Baba’s yagya, Madhuban, a time comes when that gets spat out.   Baba has predicted that a time will come when Madhuban and the Brahmin world as a whole goes through intense purification.  Anything that is not pure or anyone there who is not practicing purity will not be able to stay there.  They will be spat out by that fire, like water spits when it hits a hot griddle.

In the blessing, Baba speaks about charity which is Punya not really charity as such, but the extremely pure karma that also finishes off negativity.   The highest pilgrimage place is Abu, the place where God had come, and where Brahma Baba had done tapasya.  Abu is the place of purest atmosphere, and when you come there, that atmosphere makes everything that pulls you down evaporate, and you swing in the swing of happiness and peace.  Coming to this land is also great fortune.

In the slogan, to enjoy the reality of what Baba is giving, you need to be knowledgeable and experienced. Do not worry about anything that you think might be bad or negative.  It is there simply to make us strong and experienced.  Being just a theoretical Bk is insufficient.

Om shanti

Murli Notes. August 23, 2018 – English

Murli notes.   August 23, 2018

Sister Denise

Baba describes remembrance as a steep ladder.  This implies that we have to rise above everything, including something that could take the form, shape and size of the Himalayan mountain range.  The practice of keeping oneself up above is important for our ultimate tests.

Baba talks about love.  As you may have heard me say many times, love is not a feeling but an attitude. Love for the father means to have a clear understanding that He is the source of what we need.  If we get deviated by attraction to a person, place, or thing it implies that we did not understand what we receive from God.  This is why it is said preet buddhi the intellect with love and vipreet buddhi the intellect, not that it has no love, but really it means the intellect filled with hatred.   Hatred means that you do not understand God, you assume God to be something which He is not.  This is also insulting to Him.  Shiv Baba is telling us is what He actually is, and how we should be thinking of Him.  Therefore, love for Him also means that we understand Him as He presents Himself to us.  We do not mix our preconceptions and our former religious beliefs into it.  If there is a mixture it implies that we do not understand Him accurately.  Consequently we cannot connect to Him.

Baba emphasizes that this is our last birth, this is the end, our roles are finished, the play is finished, and everything is over.  Baba used the word Samapti at the end of the last season.  Many BKs are thinking about the meaning of  ‘everything is over’. Certainly the avyakt role is over, the sakar role has been over since 1969. There is a lot of interest in the question: what is next?  Most BKs consider that we require a much higher level of yoga.   Considering yoga to be a practice that takes you high up above all the considerations of the world, including moral and ethical considerations, and to view the human world from God’s perspective in the soul world.

Baba talks about death.  We are living a life where we have died already. He calls this Murjeeva janam It assumes that we are taking our support from God.  Shiv Baba is our source.  We do not take sustenance from the world.  Baba compares the intellect with love and the intellect with hatred to the Yadavas (European people of the West) and Kauravas (Unenlightened Hindus of India).  Kauravas are called those who have hatred for God, for truth, for reality, and are unwilling to consider it, or to act according to it.  When Baba says we don’t have any connection with this world it is related to taking your sustenance from this world, your sense of identity and this world has full meaning for you.  When you are dead whilst alive, it means that your meaning comes from the other side, the non material side, the side on which Baba is to be found.

With this practice of being dead whilst alive, many things happen.   In the light of the knowledge of the world cycle, and reincarnation, we stop being afraid of death and we stop identifying with our body.  We consider the body as an object that we use, and that will eventually be discarded.  We are not alarmed about other people dying, because we know that everybody is a soul, and they will come back, and nothing can ever be lost.  We understand that this is our last birth, that Shiv Baba comes only at the time of the end, the time of the destruction, and that we have done this many times.  Shiv Baba says that He told us all this 5000 years ago and is telling us once again.  Baba emphasizes that the confluence age, between the Iron Age and the Golden Age is the period of destruction. Baba calls destruction a task.  That means it is creative work which is paradoxical.

At this time Baba gives importance to women, particularly to virgin girls – kumaris.  The murli mentions the kumari who uplifts 21 clans.   This is a well-known saying in India.  However, it would be more accurate to say 21 generations.  Whatever you do as Baba’s child, Baba’s student, as a yogi and follower of the Satguru, has an enormous impact on your biological relatives.   Many are unaware about this because it is so subtle and often not discernible until many years later.

There is a connection with Christianity.  The Virgin Mary is a Kumari and also the mother of Jesus.  The Indian goddesses, the Shiv Shaktis are all virgins but they are also called mothers.   Clearly, there is a connection between the spiritual meaning of the Indian goddesses and that of the virgin Mary, but it is not known by the Christians; at least I don’t think that they know.

The process of being dead whilst alive also impies the need to destroy attachment.  Attachment arises when we take emotional support from a thing, place or person.   Baba wants us to let go of that and be just as easy with or without it.   This is the practice of the lotus life.   You are in the world and not of the world.  You are above the negativity of the world.

Baba says that knowledge is a matter of a second.   You get a moment of clarity, a moment of enlightenment once you understand that you are a soul, that you belong to God, and you understand the cycle.  It takes only a moment to grasp it, but a long time to finish off your karmic accounts, to overcome the resistance and inertia, and to create your fortune.   This is why Baba makes the point about King Janak having come too late in the confluence age.  He goes to the silver age because he did not have time to accumulate the yoga power, to study and to do the work of finishing off his outstanding karmic accounts.

The Brahma Kumaris experiencing a change of era now that Bapdada’s avyakt role is over.  I think we will soon see well-known people coming to us.   Many will come but they will not have enough time.  They may take up the practice very intensively, but due to lack of time, they may not be able to reach what Baba calls the stage of the golden aged master or emperor.

Shiv Baba describes himself as Sarvashaktivan and this is translated as Almighty Authority.  There are times when Baba talks of himself as the authority, but that is usually regarding the authority of knowledge.   We have to understand that this means that he has all the power, he has all the powers, and that he knows everything so he is the full authority of knowledge.   In English, we have this expression omniscient for knowing everything and omnipotent for having all the powers and that goes with the third word omnipresent.   Baba says no I am not omnipresent but I am omniscient the authority of knowledge and I am omnipotent, the almighty.

In the early days of the Yagya, the Bks used to refer to Shiv Baba as Almighty Baba and they would use the word Baba for Brahma baba.  Our love for Shiv Baba is connected with our recognition of Him.  If we do not recognize God we cannot take benefit.  The recognition and acting on that understanding is what Baba means by love.   It also means that when you take your sustenance and support from Shiv Baba and not from anywhere else, it means you can focus exclusively on Him.  Others whom you may have taken support from previously, are experienced as co-actors of the drama.  You are no longer taking emotional support from them therefore you can let them go whenever you have to.

Baba compares Bks with different kinds of birds.  Nightingales speak the knowledge very sweetly and everyone wants to listen.  Parrots repeat what they have been told but they do not necessarily understand.  There is a temple in south India of goddess Minakshi who has a parrot on her shoulder. Dadi Janki has compared herself with this goddess and says ‘I don’t tell you anything, I just repeat what I heard from Baba.’  Ccrows are people who fight and squabble.  There are some like that.  Pigeons make make a cooing sound, not saying anything in their own right but sound that one might make if you are agreeing with what you are hearing.   The pigeon is associated with Parvati and the Story of Immortality. This story was never known because Parvati fell asleep.  The sound of pigeons gave Shankar the impression she was listening.  Baba asks us to compare ourselves with flowers: ‘do you have a beautiful form, color and fragrance.   Evaluate yourself accordingly.

There is a story called The City of Darkness.  In the city of darkness all things were the same price, everybody had an equal status.  It resulted in absolute catastrophe. This famous story in the form of a poem is well known to Indian people who generally learn this at school. It is a reference to democracy. The murli uses the term the rule of the people by the people.   Baba says the better form of governance is Monarchy.  Everybody is unequal and Baba is establishing a kingdom.  In the modern world we subscribe to the idea of democracy.  The BK organization has to operate in a democratic manner but the yagya is a preparation for a kingdom.   It is hierarchical but hierarchy does not imply tyranny.

The kings and queens of the late iron age were tyrannical and republics were established.  Once the system of Monarchy is removed, it is replaced by a republic which may degenerate into military dictatorship which degenerates further into anarchy, civil war and destruction.   Democracy is part of the process that leads to destruction, because particularly in India after the 1940s it could be corrupted very easily.   Baba prefers monarchy.   The Kings of India have to be spiritually as well as politically powerful, pure and serve the kingdom.  The example of the raj rishi is given which refers to King Janak a great king and a renunciate.   Baba often describes Raja Yoga as the practice needed now if you wish to become good rulers of the future.

Baba quotes the well-known phrase: ‘at the time of destruction, those who have intellects filled with love are victorious; at the time of destruction those whose intellects are filled with hatred will be destroyed.’  This ancient saying is expected to be played out in our life time, so this is something to think about.

To conclude, Baba reminds us that this is a competition.  It is very elaborate and complex and only 8 will win, because only 8 reach the level of yoga of total detachment.   They are not fazed by the different scenes of destruction.   There are many opportunities to practice independence from the visible and tangible scenes of the drama.

Creating a high stage called the flying stage is accomplished through true detachment in soul consciousness, way above everything.   Then no problem can bother you even if seems as big as the Himalayas.  Perceive everything with the third eye of the divine intellect and you will also understand your reward.

The slogan is interesting.  Those who respect everyone become ideals or archetypes.  What does it mean to respect everyone.  Is it possible to respect anyone if you don’t respect yourself?  Think deeply about the meaning of being an ideal through this deep and extraordinary quality of respect.

Om shanti