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Murli Notes August 15, Arabic

Arabic august 15 murli notes

Murli Notes, August 19, 2018 – English

Sister Denise

Avyakt murli

Baba is talking deeply about what we do to sabotage our success.  Baba begins in his traditional way by praising us a great deal and describing the reality of what we have become as a result of our relationship with him and that we have every possible cause for maximum success but yet at the same time there are certain things we do that sabotage it, so Baba goes into those details.

The main way we sabotage our success is to take credit for what we did.   This sabotages our success because the only reason it is possible for us to have success is b following the instructions of Baba therefore the credit is due to Baba.  If we take the credit or think “I am doing it” or “I have to do it” that weakens the action.  Regardless of whether there is Maya, the atmosphere is not good, the company is not good or trivial or irrelevant thoughts are present, the instruction of Baba is to have the firm determined thought, recognition and understanding that Baba has given us the authority to go ahead and follow his instruction.   We must do that, give Baba all the credit, rise above the atmosphere, not be concerned about the ways in which there can be obstacles or interference.  Move forward and take the success.

Baba points to laziness and carelessness as a reason for lack of success.  Baba has told us about specific methods to apply, and we need to be attentive to make sure that we do follow those methods accurately.  Baba says stay in the fortress of being fully aware.  Some things get in the way of this which Baba describes as an open door or window due to the lack of one or another power.  Determination is a key ingredient.

One important point is that what we do should not be influenced by fear or concern for public opinion.  Our strong connection with Baba, in the understanding that this is what Baba motivates us to move ahead with determination.  This brings us happiness.

Determination is extremely powerful.  It means to have one thought, total focus on that one thought, to move forward with that one thought and not let anything, anyone or any doubt or distraction get in the way.  Then success is assured.

In the meeting with the groups Baba gives us further details about rotating the discuss of self realization. This is an instrument for destroying obstacles which arise from weak thoughts.  Creating weak thoughts is the result doubt, questioning why and what.  Create instead the elevated thoughts about who and what we are, then we move forward with success.  Baba says it is the game of thought.

We must be attentive about what thoughts we produce and avoid thoughts like: “I don’t know whether this will work or not.”  That is a sign of lack of faith.   Firm determination, faith and self honor are all attributes of the method to achieve success.

Another important point is to become free from “I and mine,” to pass on the credit for your success to Baba and to be free from taking possession or feeling possessive about what you have done or your achievements.  Doing this weakens you and reduces you to ordinariness.   Instead, stay busy with the task and Maya cannot get in your way.

Baba says: sparkle and do what you have to do, and success will come after you.  You will get cooperation from Baba when you have the company of Baba, you feel all the attainments, and Baba is with you.  Make yourself unshakeable. Take full advantage and take everything that Baba is offering because you can, and you have the right to do that.

 Talking to the German group Baba is reminding us of the word Baba.  When you say “I” it doesn’t work so well when you say Baba it is like a magic word that makes everything function easily.  Then you experience your fortune.  Your connection with Baba and the sanskaras of recognition also make you special.

In the blessing Baba reminds us of the importance of the balance of serving the self and serving others. Balance makes you a conqueror of Maya.  However, many Bks forget to serve the self, resulting in imbalance of service of the self and service of others.   This deprives you of the feeling of success.  Be careful to maintain the balance.  Baba calls service an extroverted stage therefore stay introverted, and avoid getting caught up in the commotion of the clash of sanskaras and too much running around for service.  Stay connected and go deep into the self.

The slogan is to water the seeds of all your specialties with your powers. If you don’t have powers, your specialties will not be able to flourish and grow.  It is important to stand up for yourself, know what you have to do and get on and do it.  Do not allow yourself to be discouraged by anyone or anything.

Om Shanti

Murli Notes, August 11, 2018 – English

Murli notes

August 11, 2018

Sister Denise

Baba is talking about unadulterated remembrance.  You could say non-adulterous, because it means the ability to focus in soul consciousness on Baba and have no others come into your mind.  If anyone comes into your mind it means there is an unresolved karmic account, that has to be finished through powerful yoga.  The remembrance of another person when you are trying to remember Shiv Baba, creates fluctuation in your mind.   This is where the effort lies.

Baba says: I introduce myself only to you children.  First there is the recognition of Baba.  Once you have recognized Baba, it is possible for Baba to give us further information so that we can see Him with the eye of the mind, feel Him and know Him.

One reason others are not able to receive this is that we have been remembering Baba for all of the time of bhakti.i   It is a the spiritual law that only those who have been remembering God for a very long time, who are the original devotees, qualify to receive the knowledge when Baba. They are the first ones to meet God when He comes.

 There is a reference to dirty images of deities.  They are pornographic image.  Once the deities fall into body consciousness, they began elaborate sexual activities which are represented in the Jagadnath temple. This also described in the Kamasutra scripture, and this is why it is connected with holy offerings of only rice and dal.   Once you come into the impurity,  you lose your wealth, your fortune which this is symbolized by sexual activities and loss of wealth.  Baba compares the vairagya of sanyasis and the vairagya of Gyanis.  Vairagya is translated as disinterest but like many of these expressions, we are not able to  find a translation which conveys the fullness of meaning.

I will try to describe vairagya. The expression vairagya is often related to this expression samshani or smashanI vairagya, which is the feeling that comes over you when you realize and perceive that life is not the body. The samshan means the crematorium.  When the person dies and only a corpse remains, the mourners experience that: ‘oh my god, that’s what’s going to happen to me, I’m just going to become a corpse!”  The attractions of worldly life, seen in the light of death,  are clearly not what they appear to be.

The sanyasis leave home, life, family life, wife, children, business, etc. and go off to the jungles, because they realize it really is not happiness.  This perception and realization leaves them with this feeling  of vairagya. As Brahmins, we also feel vairagya, knowing that the whole world is to collapse.  We are ready to let it go, because its corrupt, polluted, it cannot be repaired.  We accept to let go of everything and everyone and go to Baba, to purify the self and participate in the work of regenerating the whole thing, thus our veragya is called unlimited.  We leave the whole old world, not just home and family.

There is also this concept that the soul is nirlep.  Nirlep means that the soul is unaffected by karma or immune to the effect of karma.   This implies that it doesn’t matter what you eat because the soul is not affected.   However, Baba says you are the soul, the soul is doing everything and the soul is definitely affected.  This is why we have various different restrictions and maryadas about food, drink, activities clothing and so on.

The temple of Achal Gadh, it’s not Achal Ghar the home, but its Achal Gadh which means fortress of stability.  A better translation is a fortress of stability that can never be broken into or breached.  In Mount Abu there are 3 temples, the one closest to Pandav Bhavan is Dilwara.   First you come to Baba, he comes your beloved ,you go into his heart, he comes into your heart.   As you progress in your spiritual development, you reach the unshakeable stage which is the next highest temple.   As you go to the top of the mountain you go to the temple of Guru Shikar.  Shikar means the summit representing the totally karmateet stage, you are ready to leave.  That is the highest stage of yogic development.

Baba is going into non-adulterous worship.   It is better to say non-adulterous because adulterated also doesn’t convey what it means.  Instead of worshiping one, which is non-adulterous, you start worshiping many, which is adulterous.  There is worship of many different gods and goddesses, whether they are actual deities or symbolic ones like Hanuman and Ganesh.   Hindus worship different physical things including trees, mountains, rivers, different animals, gurus etc.

Baba talks about the game of somersaulting.   I think that somersaulting is not very practical for pilgrimage but it might well be what we call cart wheeling, which represents how a person goes around the cycle of rebirths.  I think pilgrims are more likely to cartwheel as they progress along the pilgrimage path.

You notice also that Baba mentions that he is speaking the true Gita.  The murli is the true Gita. This is something of interest to me.  I am writing about the comparison between Gita that people know as a scripture and the murlis, which Baba says is the true Gita.  That Gita will be created again in the next cycle.  In the Gita, it says Shri Bhagwan Uvach meaning Holy God is speaking.  in most versions, it does not specify the name of God as Krishna.  I came to know from some scholars that the iconography of Krishna was introduced into the Gita about 200 years ago.  It had a political motive because the people of India wanted to use it as a symbol to challenge the yoke of European colonial powers. Because Krishna was teaching war to Arjuna, the hesitant warrior.  They wanted to initiate a resistance movement which then became successful through Gandhi and ultimately independence was achieved. Wherever the murli says self-sovereignty, this word swaraj was used during the 1930s and 40s to mean independent self-governance for India.

Baba describes the process of claiming the kingdom through study.   The proof of study is your karma. When your karma is directly with Baba through his yagya, you can claim the kingdom.  Your karma with your family becomes indirect and you make your interactions, your karma with Shiv Baba through the yagya.  This is what the study teaches and through that you claim your kingdom.

The matter of shooting arrows is taken up here.   In the Mahabharta a woman Shikandi, had reincarnated as a man, and had vowed to kill Bhishma.   She killed him because he did not defend himself against her knowing that she was a woman.   This story refers to the Brahmakumaris, shooting the arrows of knowledge, at the great gurus of the Kaurava community, the Hindu scholars.

Baba points out how the people of India have a hard time calling us Brahma Kumaris, the daughters of Brahma. They always call us Brahm kumaris.   Brahm is the word for the sixth element of light which they think is God, so they think we are daughters of that but actually no we are daughters of Brahma the creator or the instrument of creation.   If they would recognize us as Brahma Kumaris, they would have to deal with differently and take us seriously.  We have to prove the meaning of the title Brahma Kumars and Kumaris.

How is it that understanding the cycle makes you a ruler of the world.  There is the title Chakravarti Raja a ruler of the world.  This is a King whose kingdom extends over the entire populated world.  Full understanding of all your births and everything you have been from the golden age all the way to the iron age, and you are neutral regarding all the changes within you from Sato, Rajo to Tamo, you have conquered Maya.   You become neutral regarding good and evil, and this makes you a ruler of the world.

In the blessing Baba talks about the conquerors of Maya, and conquerors of matter.  As Christianity says that Jesus Christ conquered sin and death, so also we have to become those who transcend the pull of matter and of Maya, all the illusions.   When you are detached from the body, the detached observer of the games of matter, the natural calamities of the process of destruction, and remain in a high stage represented by the mountain, then matter does not attack us.   We have seen in Dadi Janki who has passed through many illnesses through purity, detachment  from the body and tapasya.  She is our model .

In the slogan Baba says that the definition of tapasya is to give all souls the experience of cooperation with your elevated vibrations.  To stay in that pure positive mentality is real tapasya.

Om shanti

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